♺ Centaur Films - Brock Masters Collectors Edition 1998-2004

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-28 |

The Best of Brock Masters, 120min;

Country: US

Studio: Centaur Films

Cast: Brock Masters, Brent Everett, Court Logan, Kirk Kelley, Sandy Sloane, Duncan Mills, Jeremy Brooks, Vladam Velika, Franco Gorgino, Mikal Jante, Richie Miso, Vladimir Lacek

Director: Chip Daniels

From the press notes, courtesy of Centaur Films:
"Centaur's exclusive topman, superstar Brock Masters, sporting his 10" thick cock and buffed body, stars in five of his best scenes from his five Centaur movies, as selected and edited by his director Centaur's internationally acclaimed Chip Daniels. The Best of Brock: Brock Masters' Collector's Edition brings to you two hours of hardcore action, featuring Brock's best work all in one video.

You'll see Brock's screen debut in Centaur's 1998 award-winning Time Cops, where he plays an LAPD policeman who, among other things, returns to the past as the infamous Bob Ford and shoots Jesse James. There he also encounters a local stable hand, Sandy Sloane, a reddish blond stud puppy with an adorable ass, delectible asshole, and insatiable desire to swallow Brock's amazing, thick, veiny, juicy fucktool down both his hungry holes in Brock's first and shockingly stimulating performance.

Everything from his deep swarthy voice to his naturally nasty mind make this man one stud who bends everyone to his will, the will of his huge beautiful cock. He repeatedly dips his love stick into the willing mouth and butt of the stable hand, proving that Officer Ford has what it takes to ride, fuck and shoot in any Century.

In his second Centaur movie, Off Limits, Brock unleashes his sexual dynamo as an enlisted man in a U.S. Army platoon where men have a penchant for finding trouble, and love to get deep into it with each other. In his barracks, Brock is on his bunk polishing his hard, oversized sextool, and secretly being admired and watched by Private Jeremy Brooks, who is hiding in a locker. Brock is interrupted by Staff. Sgt. Chip Daniels, who delivers a letter to Brock along with a list of locations the Army has placed off limits. In other words, a list of just where to go for hot sex. The letter is from an Army buddy stationed in the Czech Republic telling Brock about the incredible sex he's witnessed at off limits places in Praque.

While reading, Brock is joined by his barracks mate, played by insatible handsome bottom star Duncan Mills. We soon see the three-way Brock is reading about, featuring Czech stars 9" hung, six packed top, Vladam Velika; cute little hard bottom boy, Franco Gorgino; and lovable bottom Mikal Jante. Listening intently, Mills is turned on by the nasty letter and soon begins chowing down on Brock's ever ready ass hammer. Brock wants more though, and gives an unbelievable performance as he buttfucks the private all over the bunk, until both reach their ultimate release, leaving Mill's asshole sore and itching for more. At the same time, we see the three guys in Prague finishing their three-way of lustful abandon and giving up their man-juice.

After a two-year hiatus, Brock returned to the screen more buffed than ever as a park ranger in Centaur's critcally acclaimed outdoor film Wild Rangers. There Brock arrests a lawbreaker, barely legal, hungry butted twinky Kirk Kelley. He quickly shoves his 10" fuck stick into Kirk's waiting mouth. Then he rough fingers and punch fucks his butthole, which opens so wide you can see inside. Kirk's dick drips pre-cum as Brock pounds away at his poke-hole, and he soon erupts all over his own belly. Brock continues his assault until he drops his own hot load all over Kirk's face.

In Man Academy 2 Brock plays an instructor to sweet-faced, charming, smooth bodied Cadet Court Logan. In another outside scene, a survival trek, Court is drawn to the ever-thickening cock rising in sleeping instructor Brock's underwear. He is soon stroking his own cock while playing with Brock's. This leads to a thorough throat fucking by Brock. Before long, Brock is sitting on the Cadet's face, feeding him his hard cock, and letting him lick his beautiful asshole. But it's Cadet Logan's inviting ass that Brock really wants, and soon he is repeatedly plunging his massive thick veiny cock into little smooth skinned Court's tender quivering asshole for a long fuck session. He shoots a stream of his hot, thick jism on the Cadet's face while Court spills his seed over his own belly.

A very commanding Brock brings his muscular, chiseled body, and thick tool to prominent play in the role of Brig Commander Marine Lt. Ford in Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig. Lt. Ford routinely takes his pleasure from the pick of the hot, horny sailors. One is Seaman Brent Everett, a very youthful 18-year old with dark brown hair, bedroom eyes, alabaster smooth body, beautiful 9" thick cock and a true virgin butt. In exchange for his release, Everett is ordered to lock his pouty lips around Brocks' engorged, throbbing 10" x 8" cock. The teenager is a natural, and showcases Brock's enormous meat with aplomb, getting so turned on that he has to start pulling on his own dick.

But Lt. Ford wants more than Brent's cherub mouth. He soon entices Everett to shuck his crackerjack uniform and offer up that smooth, flawless, tight, virgin hole for Brock to fuck. Choking back real tears, Brent takes Brock's humongous cock to the hilt, enduring deeper and deeper strokes that soon have his tight muscular teen frame taunt, and his punished hole pulled wide open, first on his back, then on his side, then on his back again. After several intense minutes of fucking, they both shoot their hot loads onto Brent's taut ripped abdominals.

Brock Masters' Collector's Edition shows off Centaur's exclusive stud man at his best, including several scenes that while they weren't included in any of the movies, show Brock as the personable yet virile and handsome performer he is.

If you're a Brock Master's fan, then this is a must own!"
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