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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-04-25 |
[Jet Set Men] Cock Tease Scene 04 (Sebastian Young,Brad Star,Aaron King)

Checking into a motel, the three friends Aaron, Sebastian and Brad discover that all that is available is a single room with one bed for all of them. Professing to be straight, they decide that it's OK as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves. The next shot has the three of them lying on the bed next to one another trying to sleep. Sebastian and Aaron have their Jockeys on, but Brad is already naked and hard. Aaron decides to take advantage of Brad's apparent invitation and goes down on him as he supposedly sleeps. He then reaches over Brad to pull Sebastian's shorts down and include him in the cock sucking. The now awake Sebastian likes what's happening, so the two conspire to go down on Brad together, trying not to waken him in the process. The light goes on and Brad jumps into it too sucking on Aaron as Sebastian sucks on him. Aaron moves to rim Sebastian as he continues the blow job on Brad, licking his dick, balls and ass in the process. The next move has Aaron sucking on Brad who is now working on Sebastian. The sleeping arrangements weren't so bad after all. Sebastian has a thick, big dick, but Brad has the longest. Brad disappears for a moment, so Aaron works on Sebastian. When Brad comes back he takes to fucking Aaron who is kneeling and takes on Sebastian who fucks him on his backs while he's sucking again on Brad. Aaron begs for Sebastian to fuck him harder which the stud is only too happy to do. Brad cums on Sebastian's ass as he is still fucking Aaron. And then Aaron cums on himself while he is still being fucked . Sebastian ends up shooting on Aaron.

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