Tears and Oral -Gavin Goes for Dark Meat Gavin Winter & August Alexander

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Young Asian cocksucker Gavin Winters is hungry for dick, and what better to fill him up than the big ebony cock of dark stallion August Alexander? In a musty storage room Gavin gets on his knees, grabs the huge fucktool in one hand and pops it down his throat. August assists, putting his hand on Gavin's shoulder to hold him in place while he fucks that hot juicy mouth. August gasps for breath as he dick swells up even harder. "Fuck!" he groans as Gavin mumbles "Grrglhbllggbblggm" with mouth overflowing. Taking a quick breather by licking the big monster from nuts to tip, Gavin smacks himself around the face with Gavin's powerful weapon. As the need to seed builds up in his groin, August begins pumping his hips each time Gavin gags to swallow. He pulls out to give his cock a stroke then plunges back into Gavin's pretty face. Gavin pulls back a few inches with mouth gaping and August's dick spraying onto his tongue and across his lips.
2023-05-24 14:11:16
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