Pros and Cons 2

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Pros and Cons 2

This movie pros and cons 2 is hot just as hot as the first one pros and cons 1.
Its Starring: Chaos, Da Ridler, Dollar, Elmo, G Stunna, Jay Scorpion, Libra, Nubius and Treshawn.
You can really go no wrong when it comes to a prison movie nothing is hotter.
This movie is full of lots of big black dicks. And rimming.
If OZ had been made in to a movie I would have wanted it to be a lot like this movie.

These 10 convicts will do anything they have to keep their freedom.
Including giving up their ass!
These hardcore convicts have turned their life around and started sucking cock to make it happen.
Newcomer ‘TRESHAWN’ pounds his friends ass for a place to hide from the cops.
Nubius leaves a hot load of cum in his buddy’s mouth to thank him for some valuable advice.
Chaos can’t hold his load back any longer as he waits for a paying ‘client’ to call so he rims,
sucks and fucks the hell out of his partner. G-Stunna says goodbye to his lover before he spends the next 6 months behind bars.

I f'in LOVE Treshawn! I would love to see him in more films the way he has
sex is amazing from the kissing the caressing he just makes it look real! Simply AMAZING

Besides finding great performers and using storylines in their movies;
what sets real urban men apart from all the others is the simple idea of
showing the performers being sensual! All of the r.u.m. movies show kissing
and great ass eating!

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