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♺ BADMASTERBOYS 13200-75 A Weekend in Munich

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Master Heiko and Master Marco decide to spend a weekend with their slave Alex in Munich. They have had to work hard in the week just gone and are feeling pretty het up because their master has again been handling then badly. All of which means that they are looking forward even more to their weekend in Munich. Alex is the ideal victim on whom they can play out their sadistic fantasies You can’t get another slave like Alex – who even serves as a dining table. The slave crouches on the floor. Master Heiko and Master Marco put their plates down on his back and tuck in After they’ve eaten, the masterboys light up. They rest their feet on the living pouffe. The Masters’ feet are swathed in socks which once upon a time- long,long ago - were white.. Now the soles of the socks are black. No wonder – the boys have been wearing the socks for more than a week Slave Alex has to take a big whiff from Master Heiko’s smelly socks. ‘Taste good?’ asks the Master patronisingly, with a grin on his face. ‘They don’t taste good. That’s how it should be ‘ A few minutes later, the table – in fact Alex – collapses under the force of kicks from hsi two tormentors. Now he is lying on his back in the ground – as helpless as a cockroach stuck in the sand. Master Heiko chews the food which is left over and then spits it into his slave’s mouth. Master Marco despatches some gargled energy drink into the loser’s mouth so that his victim isn’t left thirsty At the same time as being allowed to lick the dirt and sweat from Master Marco’s socks, Alex gets a couple of painful kicks from Master Heiko. The loser’s mouth is wide open so that the Masterboys can spit loads of snot into it Alex has to do as Master Marco tells him and take his clothes off. He can only keep on his underpants. Master Heiko forces his socks into his mouth. His master now reduces Alex to the level of a pony to be ridden. He has to head for the bathroom. As soon as he gets there he has to lie down in the bath. Master Marco comes and stands by the bath and pisses on his victim. He makes a point of aiming at his slave’s face. ’Yay, open up your mouth and swallow it down’. The Master follows this up by showering his victim with boiling hot water. The slave whimpers, but his master couldn’t care less The Master climbs into the bath so that he can take a shower. Slave Alex has to put up with serving as a shower mat The next morning dawns and Master Heiko has slept badly. That has made him het up. Bad news for Alex. The Master takes out his bad mood on him. The loser gets a brutal kicking. That done, Alex is tasked with taking care of his Master’s dirty socks. Heiko decides he is taking too long over this. He shouts angrily at his victim. ‘You need to run your tongue from bottom to top, get on with it’ No sooner has Alex licked the dirt and sweat from the socks, than he has to get down an all fours and serve again as a pony to be ridden on. Master Heiko rides his victim into the bathroom and drives his ‘pony’ forward . ‘Get a move on, I need a piss’ Alex has to lie down in the bath. ‘Get your mouth open and swallow all this’ orders the Master as he lets his piss flow Now Master Heiko takes his clothes off, just leaving his boxer shorts on. He climbs on to Alex, who is still lying in the bath and starts out by showering him down. The water is ice cold. The slave shivers, The Master is himself laughing. Master Heiko is enjoying having a living shower mat under his feet. He also finds it pretty hot to have his feet licked while he is in the shower. Now Master Marco wants to lay claim to being served by the loser. He sits at the table in the living room and busies himself with his Notebook. The slave kneels on the floor and licks his Master’s trainers clean For today, Master Marco has a particularly nasty idea of how he can humiliate the slave. He ties the victim up , spits a load of snot into his mouth and then heads off into the bathroom to fetch his dirtiest socks, a toilet brush and some toothpaste What does he have in mind? With a grin on his face, Master Marco pulls the dirty socks over the toilet brush. He applies a bit of toothpaste - and the slave toothbrush is ready for action. Alex has to brush his teeth with this special type of toothbrush. Master Marco watches with a grin on his face. By now it’s late at night. The slave would like to finally take some rest. But his two tormentors don’t intend to grant him any rest. They torture him through sleep deprivation. Master Heiko sits on his victim’s face. He pulls a face and then says, wearing a grin, ‘O now I’ve done a .’ Alex has his nose jammed between the cheeks of his Master’s arse and so he is horrified when this warm, stinking greeting from out of his master’s bowels filters through in all its purity into his nasal passages. Then there comes something else to savour. The Master summons up from the deepest depths snot which as a slimy mass he is able to enjoy spitting into his victim’s mouth Alex has only just gone back to sleep after this torture when he gets a brutal awakening from Master Marco. Because the Master isn’t pleased at the thought of the exhausted slave sleeping, the slave has to take a brutal kicking. Master Heiko also breaks into the slave’s sleeping and torments him with a ballpoint pen * Slave Alex is mercilessly tormented and humiliated by the two Masterboys Heiko and Marco. 40 minutes non stop action. The bathroom scenes are especially hot. The two Masterboys show lots of skin as they use their slave as a shower mat and a toilet. And then there’s the scene in which Master Heiko hits on the idea of making a toothbrush for his slave out of dirty socks and a toilet brush. Hard to believe that the Masterduo Heiko and Marco could come up with such nasty ideas. A video to savour!! Humiliation, Spit & Piss 50%, Socks 30%, Ponyplay 10%, Kicks 5%, Facesitting & Farts 5%
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