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His Sister's Lover
8 September, 2015
Sexy loner, Angel (Tommy Defendi) is caught in a cycle of one night stands and meaningless hookups, much to the dismay of protective older sister Francesca (Arden Leigh). When Francesca becomes engaged to sensitive, young Eric (Duncan Black), she brings him home to meet her brother, hoping Angel will be inspired to find true love of his own. Little does she know that her perfect fiancée harbours sexual needs that only her hot, well-hung brother can fulfil.
Stars: Brendan Patrick, Duncan Black, Tommy Defendi, Wolf Hudson, Arden Leigh

His Sister's Lover 2
1 December, 2016
Hot blue eyed blonde Brandon Wilde is excited to meet his older sister's new boy toy (Calvin Banks). But when they meet up for drinks at Brandon's place, Brandon's hot boyfriend (Billie Ramos) instantly recognizes Calvin as a former one night stand. When Billie goes out of town to see his family, Brandon rents Calvin a room in his house, behind Billie's back. As sexual tension grows between sexy, hung Calvin and his girlfriend's brother, Billie comes home early and things get real. Forbidden lust runs amok in this sexy, intense film starring some of today's hottest adult film stars
Stars: Billie Ramos, Brandon Wilde, Calvin Banks, Roman Todd

His Sister's Lover 3
7 November, 2017
Italian stud Roman Todd is engaged to be married to gorgeous older woman Diana Devoe. But when he meets his fiancé's brother (Noah Donovan) for the first time, he feels an unmistakable attraction to his muscular, well-hung future brother in law. Meanwhile, Roman's younger brother (Troy Accola) is also mesmerized by Noah, and seduces the sexy older man after a late night tryst with boyfriend Billie Ramos. When Roman and Noah finally get up the nerve to share a first kiss, unsuspecting Diana walks in on them and then storms out of the house in despair. Can this family ever be put back together? And do these lustful, sex-crazed men even care?
Stars: Billie Ramos, Noah Donovan, Roman Todd, Troy Accola
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