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Ok...until someone proves to us otherwise we have to say that Vince is the most gorgeous boys we've ever met - and trust us we've met quite a few! Vince has the most incredible looks, washboard stomach, steely eyes and what an ass! That ass ought to be enshrined the ass hall of fame! hehe..

VinceJay met Vince at a restaurant near his home and was blown away by this boy's good looks. After a drink or two at the restaurant, Jay approached Vince about working with us...and he was immediately interested. Jay called me on the phone later that night to say he was bringing over a surprise named Vince. Wow! Vince is 19, Italian, sexy as hell and here for your pleasure! Hope you enjoy him as much as we did.

JoshJosh - Meet Josh...one of the hottest, straightest guys you'll ever meet OR ever see jerk off! Josh is 19 years old and 6'1 or 6'2 and is absolutely HOT! He has the longest waist, cutest straight boy face (he does this thing with his mouth all the time where he bites his lip..it's cute) and what a butt and cock! His cock is long and plump and will make your mouth water. Josh came down because he was referred to us by Vince (also in The Hottie Boyz). Vince met Josh at a party and told him we made fuck films and gave him our card. When Josh came down .... we almost came in our pants..hehe. He's quiet, knows what he likes and doesn't like and gives the appearance of being totally self-assured. We also made a straight fuck film with him and his girlfriend that was incredible...the boy really knows what he's doing! Josh's segments will leave you drooling for more and we hope to convince him to cum back sometime soon!

JohnGuys, you just won't believe how hot this video is featuring John. John is 20, 6'1 and weighs 210lbs. He's a former semipro wrestler with a husky but toned body, perfect hairy chest, nice beefy ass and LOVES...I repeat LOVES sex. John told us that he loved sex so much that he would get off at least 3 times a day whether his girlfriend was there or not. Ah..to be 20 again..ha. What John did confide in us is that he loves to be sucked off...well say no more John! Here we cum...and so will you. Many of you have written us telling us how much you like John and we've passed that on to him by the way as we see him regularly. We've made several other films with John since this one (including Wrestling Meat) so stay tuned for more John.

KeithKeith is suave, loves the ladies and is sexy as hell. Damn what a huge dick too! As you'll see, Keith was a tad nervous at first when he knew the camera was rolling and his assignment was to beat off and be sexy...well he succeeded. His cock is so damned big and he worked it like a real pro. Keith isn't really big, only stands about 5'9 or so but every inch of this guy is filled with lust and sex. You won't believe your eyes as Keith pleasures himself, talks to the camera a little bit and eventually shoots his load (we won't tell you how or where so you can be surprised!) Keith truly fits the hottie boy image...we're sure you'll agree!

MarkDamn...this is one of the hottest segments we've ever caught on film! Mark is a true hottie (though not a boy..but hey that's a technicality). He's 29, tall, handsome and lean with a great sinewy body and great big Dick that just won't quit! Mark told us that he just couldn't get enough sex and loved to jack-off, fuck and most of all get his Dick sucked (we always consider that kind of comment as an invitation to see how far a guy will go). Well cum he does and more than once! Watch as Jay gobbles down this stud's Dick in a totally unrehearsed, unplanned straight guy cock sucking session. Wow! We think you'll
blow your load a couple times too watching this.

ShaneMeet Shane. This 26 year old guy stands 6'1 and weighs 196lbs. He's a kickboxer and has wonseveral state championships. He's totally straight but not "narrow". Shane will do just about anything on film as long as he doesn't have to touch a dude, as you'll hear in the opening segment. Shane has a wonderful sense of humor, a hot body, nice ass and cock and a smile that will melt your heart. His shower scene was especially fun to do as he stayed in th shower for a long ass time and just shot the shit with us. Shane's jerk off session is especially hot and he shoots a great big steamy load. Your gonna love this segment...
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