Austin Cooper vs Rex Bedford

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DescriptionAustin has been on a roll since seizing the King of the Ring title from Dash Decker a short while ago. The brawny redhead has beaten the snot out of two of the new rookies; Jax Brewer and Tanner Hill, in non-KOTR matches. He¬ís also successfully defended his title in an all-out, 5 round brawl against Bruce Ballard in his last match. Right now, this king is on top of the world. Rex is one of the new rookies to join the roster recently. He¬ís a fiery sparkplug with good looks and a body to die for, but has yet to earn his first win. His gorgeous, ripped muscular body was owned by bad boy Ethan Andrews in his debut match defeat, then he lost close battles against fellow rookies Jax and Tanner in his other two matches. He has a shot at redemption in this non-KOTR match. If he could pull off a stunning upset against the reigning king it would certainly earn him some respect around the locker room, but he may be in way over his head in this one. Austin is clad in grey and orange trunks and black boots, clearly ready to take on the rookie. While Rex is in all black, trunks and boots, ready to stake his claim. The reigning king begins to psyche his opponent out with some smack talk and proudly posing his massive biceps in the rookie¬ís face, while Rex explains that his name means king in Latin. Coop quips back ¬Ďthat means nothing to me!¬í They tie up at center ring and Austin immediately demonstrates the size advantage he has over Rex by scooping him up and power slamming him to the mat. He lifts Rex up and whips him into the corner turnbuckle and begins to work over those luscious, likable abs. Austin then, with his vast wrestling experience, begins an attack on every part of Rex¬ís flawless body placing him in a series of punishing holds. Coop stomps on his muscular legs, delivers a forearm shiver to his back, then stretches the rookie out on the mat and in the ropes. To this point, Coop has ruled the action. Next, he drags Rex to his feet, laces his body through the ring ropes, and places him in one of his signature ab stretches. Austin subjects the rookie to some serious pain while continuing to work over and hurt his picture perfect abs. Rex¬ís beautiful body is stretched to the max and he¬ís forced to watch himself suffer in the full length mirror. Austin seems to be in total control, but even the reigning king will make a mistake every once in a while. He lifts Rex up to slam him to the mat, which gives the rookie an opening to use his quickness and reverse the action. The mma fighter clamps on a tight reverse knee lock on Austin and amps up the pressure. The redhead squirms and moans looking to escape, but isn¬ít able to do so. Rex does the damage to Austin¬ís knee before kicking him in the rib cage, then right out of the ring. Rex has seized the momentum and tells his opponent, ¬Ďcome on back in big guy¬í. But Coop in no fool, he takes a moment to re-compose himself before he jumps back in over the top rope. He scores with a takedown, then is intent on making Rex pay for humiliating him. Austin resorts back to his power advantage and places the muscle stud in a never seen before bearhug, completely tying up his limbs and making him helpless. The reigning king then drives an ab claw deep into the rookie¬ís abs, making him suffer even more. Rex twists and turns in an attempt to escape, but that isn¬ít going to happen until Austin decides to release the claw hold. Austin dishes out additional punishment on the rookie, before he finishes him off. He pulls Rex over to the corner turnbuckle, climbs outside the ring and wraps a figure four leg lock on Rex¬ís powerful legs around the iron corner ring post. Rex has never experienced this hold before and has no clue on how to escape. Rex resists as long as his body permits, but eventually cries out a submission to end round one. Austin flexes and poses in triumph as Rex¬ís limp body withers on the floor.

Round two begins with Rex hobbling out of his corner from the pain just inflicted on his knee, and he has the audacity to taunt Austin saying he’s the king, the burger king in a reference to the redhead’s belly. Austin laughs it off and flexes his own impressive abs, counting out an eight back. When Rex doesn’t seem to be impressed, Austin reaches over, grabs the punk by his throat and hoists him high into a choke hold. He threatens to toss Rex out of the ring, but instead walks him around before placing atop the corner turnbuckle and then proceeds to again pound on his already sore abs. When he’s done pounding the muscle boy’s abs he places him over his shoulders and bounces him around the ring. Rex is taking a beating at the hands of the reigning king and you have to wonder if he’ll be able to mount any type of retaliation? Does Austin allow an opening for the mma fighter to make a comeback? Or will Rex remain winless?
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