Citebeur - Quartier Chaud 5

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A dark place that smells like Arab cock: it's the basement of the Hot District, where prouds cocks come to unload with docile hungry bottoms' help. The adress is shared as fast as the holes stretch to tank hard rock dicks. No need to play a role, this is not Hollywood: get on your knees, unleash your inner slut, suck and take it all in. Faced with Arab hunks, the consenting prey are begging to take some more. Le Marseillais with his arm sized truncheon, former straight Kousay turned into a professional ass wrecker, Malik and Anis the hooded dominators, or young fucker Alex Tivoli that wanted to be a legend: choose your boss and let go. Everyone is here to unload.
2023-05-26 21:03:49
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