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DescriptionCast:  Dirk Jager, Huessein, Matthieu Paris, Marc LaSalle, Simon Cox, Tony Serrano

Director:  Chris Ward

Producer:  Chris Ward, Michael Brandon

Composer/Score:  J.D. Slater

Videographer:  Ben Leon

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2007

Studio :  Raging Stallion Studios, Fisting Central

"Raging Stallion is proud to release their most sumptuous fisting movie to date. Shot in the same far flung locales as Mirage - their wildly successful, critically acclaimed release - Arabian Fist is an eye popping, deep fisting, Arabian feast. You'll see these men dig deeply within the valley of men's souls to unearth richly sensuous treasures of unimaginable pleasure, pawing and plundering their way inside their partners, as if to rub Aladdin's Lamp from the inside to awaken the Genie and have granted their most inspiring fisting fantasies!

The action begins in the sultan's tent as ruggedly handsome, sexy Dirk reaches deep inside sinewy, able, and eager Matthieu. Amongst hanging carpets and silken pillows, the cries of ecstasy from Mattheiu are palpable. Dirk's thickly muscled forearm sinks effortlessly into Matthieu's ass all the way to the elbow. Matthieu writhes in pleasure, taking it every which way - at one point ending up on the floor upside down with his back to the wall, presenting his ass for Dirk's demanding paw and eagerly chowing down on Dirk's thickly veined, uncut cock. Matthieu then maneuvers back to the bed, standing up high so that Dirk must punch upward, which he does, bringing Matthieu to a head spinning climax.

Our attentions are now turned to the lost tomb of a long forgotten sex-a-holic pharaoh. Golden sarcophagi and unimaginable treasure fill the cluttered space while sex-charged hieroglyphs adorn the walls. In the center of all this wealth and splendor, Simon presents his world famous ass to Tony and Marc. Simon's large steel guiche ring shines below his incredible, thick and inviting ass lips, beckoning Tony's hands and huge hard cock to enter and take pleasure. Soon Marc joins in the fisting, taking turns as top and bottom. The sight of Marc and Simon taking turns under Tony's expertise amongst the ancient Egyptian ruins glittering in the dark, all captured in remarkable detail, must be seen to believed.

Finally, from deep within the bowels of the earth to out in the open, unforgiving desert sun, the camera covers the incredible action and chemistry that is Huessein's topping of Matthieu. Brought out into the bright hot sun, Huessein's burly, hairy musculature glistens with sweat and grease as he plows Matthieu's ass with his demanding hands and arms in broad daylight. Clear, deep, cornflower blue skies and golden earth frame this pair's sexcapades. Matthieu's able, agile hole swallows up Huessein's arms, sucking them lovingly like tasty hair and muscle popsicles.

Marc emerges fresh from his tomb adventure to join in and soon, both he and Huessein are digging within Matthieu's cavernous ass. They take turns plunging in deeply, to be rewarded with the jaw dropping view of Matthieu's rosebud and open asshole.

Then Huessein's attention turns to Marc's able butt as Marc chows down on Matthieu's sizable schlong. Marc's cock explodes while Huessein pounds away and soon Matthieu spurts forth his tribute as well. All while perched on a desert rock, miles from civilization, under the blazing noonday sun.

Still not satisfied, Huessein moves Matthieu to a shadowed, rock-faced ravine, and literally forces Matthieu to crawl up the craggy rocks while perched on Huessein's forearm like the insatiable meat puppet, sex pig he is. As the setting sun washes these two in the golden glow of early twilight, Matthieu comes again and the tremors sent from his hole to Huessein's arm push Huessein right over the edge. Their cries of climax echo from the distant rocky desert valley."
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