[WrestleHard com] Prison Break [11-27-2009]

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Prison Break
Win Diezel v newcomer Marky

Newcomer cute twink prisoner Marky tries to escape the WrestleHard prison at nighttime. He unlocks the door with a piece of wire. He walks three steps when cannibal-monster guard, Win, catches him and throws him to the ground several times while shouting at the scared twink fugitive.

Finally Win offers him a deal - a wrestling match where if he wins then he lets him go, but if he loses then he stays in prison for 20 years and he will be his sex slave.

Very one-sided wrestling session starts. Marky has no chance at all obviously. One nice moment is when the twink grabs the bars and Win tries to pulls him down holding his legs and pulls the guy like a ragdoll. Win defeats the twink and sucks his cock and fingers and spits on his ass often. He fucks the young guy in three very intense fucking positions. At the end Marky cums with Win's huge anaconda in his ass.

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