JayZee Collection

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DescriptionThis is my collection of JayZee back when he was at 100% fitness. He was at tip top shape the time these were made. Lots of anal dildo play with some good size toys. Watch as he progresses over time getting comfortable with his anal play. He loves him some big toys and loves taking it in the ass like a pro. He really gets into it and is dying to get the big plug in that sweet nice ass of his. He finally gets that tight hole to open up big enough to get the big plug in and its pure heaven after that. Theres even a couple of scenes where he has another guy with him for a duo jerk off and cumming show. This is JayZee in his finest hour and he lets you experience it with him. I love hearing him talking about how good it feels in his hole.

These videos play best with VLC player, and if you want to download just one or two of the videos, use a downloading client like uTorrent and you dont have to get them all, you can pick and choose the ones you want.

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37.flv 431.05 MB
38.flv 231.99 MB
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47.flv 383.02 MB
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