♺ Jason Strong Tickling Collection IV

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-12-05 |
The next 7 videos from Jason Strong Tickling. Unfortunately, this is the last I have from this site at this time. Enjoy.

Special thanks to user zlatko34zg for your FootFriends tickling uploads. Know you don't want to post more, but I would love to see them and really appreciate it (I will seed and give you seedbonus)!

As always, if you appreciate this upload the best way to say thanks is to share your male tickling videos! (Seedbonus appreciated too!)

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"Delivery Guy Sucker
Starring Ross

I ordered some products for my tickling site, and I'm really hoping Ross is my delivery guy. I know he would never volunteer to be on my site, so it looks like I better get creative if I'm going to tickle him. I hear a knock on my door, and sure enough it is Ross! Time for action..."

"Trainer Strong Tickles Keith

Keith hires me to train him and he wants to gain some size to his lean frame. I work him out hard, then tell him part of the training package is an "after workout massage", JasonStrong style. After Keith looks around, and squirms on the slab, he recognizes something is rotten in Denmark. I hit his ribs and feet as he explodes in laughter"

"Soccer MVP Gets Tickled
Starring Matt

Matt, the soccer MVP of the city league, is running his mouth about how great his team is. His team beat mine, but he shows no class! I should teach him a lesson. To make sure he doesn't run his mouth, I think I'll stuff it! Then I'll tie him up and give those feet some MVP tickle torture action."

"The Tutor Meets Rocky

Rocky invites me over, as word is spreading that my tutor skills are second to none. He has a big test coming up and needs help. Quite simply, I tie him up, and read him questions on flash cards. If he gets it right, he doesn't get tickled. If he gets it wrong, he'll get tickled with extreme aggressiveness, so that way he won't forget the answer next time. How will he do?"

"Marcus Gets Knocked Out

Marcus is my boxing trainer, and we are at the beach doing my workout. I'm focused, but Marcus keeps getting distracted, looking at the hot girls. He starts whistling at a bikini babe that walks by, and I'm officially fed up now! I give him a right cross to his face, knocking him out cold. I drag his buff bod back to my place and tie him up with his boxing gloves on. Let's see how some tickle torture gets his focus back !! "

"Officer Strong Visits Austin

I arrive at Austin's home with a phony excuse. I tell him one of his neighbors were complaining about loud noise. Total B.S. but I need any reason to enter his property. I have my handy rag ready and, much to his dismay and reluctance, enter in. I look around and go through his papers and cabinets. He is very fed up and says I better get a proper warrant. I tell him to lead me out then, and he turns his back, which isn't recommended when dealing with me. He awakens, and finds himself face down on the slab, about to get a steady dose of tickle torture action. I love being a dirty cop!"

"Ross' Revenge on J. Jay

J. Jay and I are chilling at my pad playing some video games. There's a knock at the door and in comes a new friend I met. Ross enters and immediately recognizes J. Jay. It's a very unpleasant memory though. It turns out they both went to the same high school. One day J. Jay and his buds held down Ross in the locker room and tickled him senseless! It deeply scarred Ross. He lost his girlfriend, his job, his self esteem. J. Jay senses a very uneasy situation brewing, and heads for the door. Ross and I tackle J. Jay and quickly tie him up. I think a little tickle torture revenge is what Ross has in mind and I'd be happy to assist him."

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