Blue Alley Studios - Kansas City Cum

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Descriptionbout: Blue Alley Studio’s DVD “Kansas City Cum” wastes no time with idle chit chat. It immediately starts out with Mop-Topped, oral-bottom cutie Caleb Thorn sucking the cock of a harry chested hottie in red. After feasting on his hard cock for a while, Caleb’s face is splattered with sperms. Caleb sucks the guy’s dick some more, to make sure he’s eaten his fill.
Scene two starts out with Caleb playing with his own impressive dick when a toweled, tattooed brunette comes out of the bathroom. Caleb immediately goes down on the inked, straight-looker who grabs Caleb by the hair at first to help achieve his optimum head tempo and throat coverage. Caleb gobbles the cum from the other guys, shaved dick. Only missing the jizz that orbited his head and landed in the back of his hair.
Caleb opens the door of his room to a handsome built brunette in scene three who turns The Blue Alley tables when he goes down on Caleb’s huge cock. Who could blame him? Caleb fingers the guy’s ass which I guess he liked because in no time, cute Caleb is fucking the bigger guy into the next zip code. Caleb rams the guy’s hot ass until Bottom Guy cums on his own belly through his pierced cock. Caleb cums on the gus belly too, then helping himself to a tasty treat of duo dick juice.
Caleb eats the cum of a smooth, slim skateboard type in scene four and a handsome brunette who could fill the “Coach Fantasy” bill in scene five.
A tall, goateed, good-ole-boy with a big, thick weapon feeds Caleb his cum in scene six, keeping his hat on the whole time. After soaking our boy’s face with his guy-gravy, he feed Caleb the leftovers on his body with his fingers.
Blonds have more fun in scene seven with some mutual oral action. There’s a three-way scene that includes stunner Scott Campbell and a darkly handsome inked buddy in scene eight, with an amazing cum scene where both men shoot into Caleb’s mouth at the same time, covering him in jizz! An inked, red-headed Marine type gets his pierced dick devoured in scene nine. He cums into a champagne glass and Caleb gladly gulps down what is clearly his favorite Cocktail. Caleb finished off  this Kansas Cum-For-all by wolfing down the com of a bearded number in a Bob Dylan T-shirt in scene ten.
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