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Cop Shack on 101

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Description"The men in blue are eager to serve and protect in Cop Shack on 101, Titan's three-hour epic from the mind of legendary director Joe Gage. "A new town, a new job, maybe a whole new deal," Jason thinks to himself as he rolls into Santa Mira, California as a new police officer, hoping for a calmer experience than what he left behind in L.A. When Jason reports to his new station, he is introduced to fellow officers Alex Brawley, John Matthews and Nick Horn, but before they can say more than a few words, Alex is called out to investigate a possible prowler at Collin O’Neal’s house. "Maybe I should take a look," Officer Alex suggests when he meets the horny homeowner, who takes him into the bathroom where he was shaving when the alleged prowler looked through the window. Alex isn’t interested in doing much investigating, though - at least not of the prowler - as Collin is too much of a distraction in his robe, which falls open to reveal a massive, and very hard, boner.

Alex gets on his knees to expertly suck down Collin’s huge cock, deepthroating it as he digs out his own stiff cock from his tight-fitting pants. Collin tosses his robe aside and gets down on his knees to return the favor, sucking Alex’s dick until it sprays out a stream of jizz all over Collin’s hairy chest. Collin strokes out a load of cum that splatters all over Alex, coating his cock and uniform in hot sperm.

"I’ve always wanted to fuck a cop," Collin tells Alex, and a second later, has Alex mounted ass-up on his couch, licking his hairy hole and smacking his ass to get it ready for his giant prick. Collin rims Alex from behind as Alex writhes in pleasure. Then, Collin lies on the couch while Alex slowly drops his ass down onto Collin’s dick, sliding it up his chute until he’s resting on Collin’s balls. Alex rides that huge dick, gyrating on it to hit all his deepest pleasure spots, first facing Collin and then away, as Collin slams his large cock up Alex’s ass chute. With Collin’s monster cock buried inside, Alex strokes out a gusher that soaks the floor in a huge spray of sperm.

It’s Collin’s turn, and gets Alex bent over the sofa, extending the kind of open invitation you just don’t turn down. Collin bucks into Alex, holding onto him for support as he rocks his raging hardon in and out, until he pulls out and jets his spunk all over Alex’s back. Its sprays fast, furious, and far, and Collin rubs his hand over Alex’s bent-over back, rubbing in the creamy cum.

Jason’s out on patrol, and sees darkly-bearded Darius Falke and handsome Damien Crosse troubleshooting some car trouble. Jason’s suspicious of the guys, but tries to help them out, and agrees with Darius’ suggestion to drive them to the nearest garage. "I guess that’ll be alright," Jason says, and in a flash, Damien and Darius are in the back of his squad car, catching his eye in the rearview mirror. Darius notices he’s gotten grease all over the front of his pants, and slowly slides them off. Underwear too! Darius pulls them off to reveal a massive boner. "I got it all over me too," Damien notices, before pulling his own pants down to reveal his own gigantic engorged cock. With the guys jacking off and stroking each other in the back seat, Jason’s distracted (and intrigued), and before you can say "car trouble" has the motorists pulled over to take care of the problem.

Jason commands Darius and Damien to get out of the squad car and bring those monster cocks over for a closer look. He slowly strokes Damien and reaches out for Darius, double-handing the guys before reaching in to heave out his own hard and heavy horsemeat. The tension’s palpable, but Damien quickly decides it’s OK to get down his knees and bury Jason’s cock down his throat, chocking himself on it down to Jason’s tightly-wound balls.

Darius and then Damien both take turns skillfully deepthroating Jason, driving him crazy with their forceful and talented sucking. Jason then gets on his knees to return the favor, first swallowing Damien and then Darius, slicking their rockhard rods with his spit. Jason orders the guys to finish stripping and tells Damien to sink his tongue into Darius’s meaty ass. As Jason strokes himself in anticipation of things to come, Damien obeys, and quickly has his tongue buried up his friend’s lightly-furred hole, prying the cheeks apart to get in as deep as possible. Then they swap, with Darius bending Damien over and diving in to chew on Damien’s golden globes and savor the taste of his invitingly open hole.

They’re ready for a reaming now, but not before Jason leans over to let the friends eat out his ass, his unbelievably meaty ass cheeks the perfect feast for two. Wearing nothing but his uniform boots, Jason rides their tongues until he can’t take the pleasure any more, and all three stroke out big splattering loads of cum.

But Jason’s not done with his line of "questioning." He gets Darius spreadeagled against the squad car, rolls on a condom, and slowly slides his rigid cop cock into Darius’s hole, soon pounding away as Damien watches. Jason commandingly bends over to allow Damien a turn, and Damien forcefully slams into Jason, fucking him wildly with barely-controlled lust until he lets loose with a torrent of jizz all over the small of Jason’s muscle-bound back. Darius also rains his spitting cock juice on Jason’s barrel thighs before Jason strokes out a load, coating Darius’s cock in creamy cop cum.

Alex Brawley¬ís still out on his rounds, and sees fellow cop Matt Majors, an off duty cop moonlighting as a chauffeur, parked on prom night, waiting for Brett Mathews and Kyler Lachlan to drop off their prom dates. "No action, huh?" Matt asks, noticing the guys¬í glum expressions. "Just drive ¬Ė let¬ís get out of here," Kyler orders, and they drive off. Kyler pulls out a flask it to drown out their sorrows, and Matt decides to help improve their mood out even more.

Matt soon pulls over. "This is what a man does when he find himself in your situation," he says as he pulls out his massive dick. The frustrated guys in the back admit they sometimes beat off together, and Matt persuades them to haul out their dicks for a jack off session. The guys have never done more than that, but one suggestion from Matt has them holding and slowly stroking each other’s pulsing penises, aching for the release that’s been denied them so far this evening.

Matt gets on his knees to service the young studs, looking up into their eyes as he slowly and sensually licks the silky shafts. Kyler takes the next step and reaches out and grabs Matt¬ís monstrously meaty cock while Brett plays with his own, already leaking a steady stream of precum. Kyler stares at Matt¬ís monster for a minute, undecided, looking up to Brett for approval ¬Ė and then tastes a cock for the first time as he tentatively wraps his lips around Matt¬ís member. He¬ís good at it, a natural. Brett leans in for a closer look, intrigued, and when Matt waves that thing at him, Brett goes down on Matt too while Kyler licks anywhere he can reach. The two guys kiss and suck on Matt¬ís meaty cock and balls. Then Matt kneels down in front of Brett and Kyler, as they finally jack their pent-up loads all over Matt¬ís hairy chest. Brett and Kyler hold out their open hands for Matt¬ís hot load, which Matt licks up, sensually sucking on their fingers to get the last delicious drop.

Looks like the night’s full of first times, as Matt pulls a condom on and slowly pushes into Brett’s willing and waiting butt in one smooth motion up to his cumfilled balls. Matt jams his manrammer into Brett’s virgin butt. Matt then maneuvers a nervous but ready Kyler onto his back, and pushes his way into his untouched tunnel as Kyler groans and moans with pleasure. He can’t believe this feels so good! Matt slowly pulls out, revealing Kyler’s open and twitching asshole, and then sinks his own ass down on Brett’s rigid cock as Brett reaches around with a helping hand. Matt rides Brett hard, his huge cock flopping wildly with the rocking of his hips. Then Matt does the same for Kyler, squatting down on and sliding up and down Kyler’s pole as Brett wanks and watches. Brett squirts out a spray of cockjuice; Matt uses the cream to lube his own dick, which he jerks off onto the ground. Finally, Kyler sprays his own jizz onto his pal Brett’s hairy chest. The guys finish their evening off with a good post-cum piss, the clear streams reaching for the sky and washing over each other’s spent and satisfied bodies.

While Alex Brawley’s shooting the shit with his cop buddies, Jason Ridge arrives back at the station fresh from his rounds. Alex suggests they grab something to eat at the Ocean Grill, a local late-night cop hangout filled with a mix of locals and law enforcement officers, where "everybody gets treated real good." Alex goes off to take a leak, and immediately spies a massive dick jutting invitingly out from one of the glory holes drilled in the wall. He dives to his knees to lap up the sweet-tasting semen-spitter, and pulls out and plays with his own penis as horny, hunky officers Nick Horn and Jon Matthews enter and do the same. Officer John sucks down the glory-holed cock as Nick reaches over to stroke Alex’s pole; Alex swallows Nick’s dick to its hilt.

Local cutie Dean Tucker slides on into the restroom, and catches the cops in their threeway cockfest, but they don’t even pause as Dean sidles up to pull off his shirt and join in the action. John notices the glory-holed cock still jutting out and gets down to suck it as Alex wolfs down Dean and Nick. Nick goes over to help Jon at the glory hole, and they suck the jutting penis and lick it until it shoots out thick gobs of sticky cream all over the bathroom floor.

Alex, John and Nick unleash their torrents of piss all over Dean, drenching him in a river of hot cop liquid. Alex bends Dean over and fucks him hard, slamming his ass brutally, the sound of Alex’s thighs slapping against Dean’s tight asscheeks driving them both wild, with Dean quickly spewing his cum onto the floor. Then it’s Nick’s turn, as Alex sinks his condomed sperm-spewer up Nick’s waiting and willing ass; Nick also pounds his pud until he shoots a creamy stream onto the bathroom floor. Meanwhile, Dean bends over to let John plunge into his hairy hole, with John throwing his hips full force into giving Dean the cock-filling he’s been craving. Sweat streaming down his face, John forcefully spurts his seed onto Dean’s back.

What¬ís everyone been up to all this time? Jason enters the bathroom to find out, and sees what¬ís captured Alex¬ís attention ¬Ė it¬ís Dean, down on his knees and worshipping Alex¬ís huge cock. It looks like Jason wants to join in; he¬ís stroking his own engorged dick, hugely outlined in his uniform pants, watching as Alex masturbates onto Dean, his cum landing all over Dean¬ís downy stomach and chest.

Zipping back up, he locks eyes with Jason. "Surprised?" Alex asks. "Not really." Jason’s seen it all before, in L.A. But he accepts Alex’s invitation to see the rest of this cop shack, and they disappear behind a secret door."
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