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Military Classified - MADISON - MARINES
21 / 6'1 / 155

Madison has returned once again and this time I've pushed this straight boy to the ultimate now and convinced him with enough financial incentive to bend me over and fuck the shit out of me. He's an interesting character that has a open attitude and a lean smooth body that sports a beautiful 6 inch circumcised weenier. This is the first time Madison has ever put his dick in a guy's ass and the facial expressions on this video are pretty fricking amazing! Watch as Madison shares one of his most intimate moments of his life and it's all caught on tape.     
    Once we joked around back and forth for a little bit I asked Madison to start taking his clothes off which he did without hesitation. He was flat as a noodle of course but that only told me that I was dealing with a straight guy and in order for him to really be able to do a scene like this, I'm going to have to bring it to him but good! The joking turned to silence as I knelt down in front of Madison. His puppy dog expression as his cock became hard was a sight to see and I know he was reminded once again the kind of quality nut he busts over at Rob's. 
I told him he could smoke a cigarette to relax a little if he wanted and which he did as I continued my drive towards the fucking now. I sucked on his knob until it quickly became rock hard, then I pulled out my pussy fleshlight and began working Madison's cock with it driving him crazy horny now. Madison watched in amazement as this flashlight looking machine engulfed his cock and made it feel just like a pussy.     
    As Madison continued to smoke his cigarette he became more enthralled by the pussy fleshlight and even began working the toy himself as I prepared to bend over and sit on his big fat dick. Madison wasn't really expecting what came next as I just quietly moved up on top of him and slowly slid my ass on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position going up and down, up and down. 
I jumped off to get lubed up again because it was getting dry from all the friction we were making. When I was lubed again I sat right back on it and this time I began to bounce up and down as I rode his cock. As Madison put out his cigarette I got off his cock and brought the fleshlight back giving him pleasure from all types of wet warm holes driving him closer and closer to the edge.     
    Madison was extremely excited now because I don't think he was expecting a guy's ass to not only feel warm and tight but also damn good. Towards the end, it was only a matter of time before all the pounding with the fleshlight, my ass, and mouth began to take a toll on Madison's stamina and he began to signal that he was about to blow. As his balls tightened up to his sack as his dick slide in and out of my butt, I jumped off and then sucked him to a finish that left his mouth hanging! 

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