♺ AlexBoys - Bedtime Story - Akilo & Andre (wmv)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-02-02 |
My last upload of Akilo from Alexboys proved to be popular, so I am uploading more of this lad - this time a video of him in action with Andre. Be warned if you have not seen many Alexboys videos though - they do tend to disappoint in various ways. In this case the huge disappointment will come for Akilo fans who want to see him get fucked, because it so looks like it's going to happen in this video and yet it doesn't (or more accurately just as you think he's about to get fucked in the ass, he gets fucked in the mouth).

You think Alexboys would realise that prick teasing your customers and potential customers is not going to win you any fans...

As long as you're prepared for the lack of (ass) fucking and don't expect this video to match the quality of Teens-Boys-World, fans of youthful twinks will probably enjoy this (although I have to say that neither lad is my type, but I do recognise that many will find them both very good looking).

Speaking of TBW, time is running out if you want their latest model and supercutie Brian uploading here (not to be confused with the model of the same name from 2006). How much do you lust for this boy - check him out here: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?action=profile;u=364733;sa=xFileManager;f_act=download;file=2h5msFMxLAt96XUkLnBX


Many of you will know that I have offered to upload TBW's sexy newcomer as an incentive to get 2 new contributors to post a fantasy to the Fantasy TBW Game.

Your fantasy doesn't even have to be detailed - a single sentence (such as "I want to see TBW's Ugo and Akilo from Alexboys taking turns to fuck each other") will do! Of course more detailed fantasies are very much welcome too! Just a tip though, if you plan to submit a longer fantasy, these can take a while to write, so make sure that you don't miss the deadline - if necessary just submit a single sentence (or other short) fantasy in the meantime and then perfect your erotic teenlust masterpiece another day ;-P

You're welcome to use as inspiration one of the many example fantasies that I have written in torrent descriptions and comments, but use your own words!

Make sure that you attach pics of the boys in your fantasy to your post. (This is a requirement only if you're posting in order to get Brian's gallery uploaded, otherwise it is only a recommendation, but note that more readers tend to vote for fantasies with pics than for those without).

Don't rely on anyone else to post a fantasy. In many ways the fact that I have set the needed number of new contributors so low MAKES IT LESS LIKELY THAT GUYS WILL POST. Psychologists have shown that when there is a large group of people, each individual in that group is less likely to carry out a required action, because they all assume that someone else will do it. And with only 2 new people needing to post, you're all assuming that someone else is going to post, right? Wrong!

Get your fantasy in before the deadline and receive a special thanks from me if you're the only new contributor to post.

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Whilst you're welcome to post your lovely and randy scenarios to the Fantasy Game whenever you want, if you're doing it in order to get Brian's gallery uploaded they need to either be posted to the List of Dreams (aka the Fantasy TBW Game) before midnight GMT Sunday 10 February 2013 or sent to me in a private message by then.

My best advice if you want Brian's gallery uploading, post your fantasy now. Don't risk forgetting to post in time by the deadline and don't risk miscalculating when midnight GMT on Sunday 10 February is!



You can even submit your fantasy anonymously if you don't want anyone else other than you and me to know that you contributed it. In this case simply send your fantasy to me in a PM (private message). Make sure that you say that you want it to be posted anonymously and I will do the rest! Your fantasy will even count as one of the two fantasies from 2 new contributors to get Brian's gallery uploaded! (Just make sure that you send it to me by the deadline).


Is English not your first language? Are you dyslexic? Find it difficult to express yourself in writing?

If FOR ANY REASON you're not confident writing in English, you're welcome to send your fantasy to me as a PM and I will make any corrections that are needed. Just be sure to say that this is the reason that you're sending it to me.

Once I have corrected any errors, I will send it back to you, so that you can submit it to the Fantasy Game and get the credit you deserve!

Again make sure that you send it to me by the deadline to get Brian's gallery uploaded!


Midnight GMT Sunday 10 February 2013


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