Mustang - Worked Up

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Descriptiondirector Erik Rhodes

Hunter Marx
Jayden Grey
Jim Ferro
Parker Perry
Phenix Saint
Samuel Colt
Scott Campbell
Tom Wolfe

With muscles bulging and jockstraps straining, our cast of eight get hot and sweaty... and all Worked Up. Director Erik Rhodes puts his men through their paces, letting all the brawn, all the sweat, all the built-up desires dictate the action.

1. Samuel Colt OgAbRg, Jim Ferro OrAtRr
Samuel Colt spots Jim Ferro and checks out the super-buffed trainer and his buns of steel. Eager to tangle, they get to work but the animal attraction quickly overtakes them and the workout takes a more sexual turn. After sinking into each other's big-muscled embrace, Samuel gets a hold of Jim's cock and swallows it down, almost gagging on its girth and length. Then Jim sucks Samuel's dick before dishing out a sopping rim job on his asshole. Pleased with themselves and each other, the studs flex their muscles and preen; they grope and feel each other up. Jim then drives his cock deep inside Samuel's ass, pumping in and out fast and hard. Samuel next squats onto Jim's thick prick, grinding himself down as far as he can and both men build up a sweat as they continue fucking with a fury matched only by their enthusiasm. As he pants and shudders, Samuel's eyes grow big until he finally shoots his wad. Then Jim pulls out and jerks himself off to climax all over Samuel's abs.

2. Tom Wolfe OrgAtRg, Jayden Grey OgrAbRr
Trainer Tom Wolfe's training agenda for his special student today will include a lot more than just pumping iron. The session begins and Jayden Grey quickly feels the burn as his arms undergo a strenuous workout. But glancing at Tom, Jayden's sensing the coach may be suggesting a more grueling effort from him. He follows his instructor's lead and the two men wrassle into each other's arms and suck face. Then Jayden pulls Tom's cock out and sucks it, tasting the salty sweetness of his meat. The burly trainer takes his turn to fellate his star pupil's dick, sliding his lips up and down the shaft; then he swabs Jayden's sweaty balls with his tongue. Tom begins eating out the young man's ass, slicking it up good before he gets in place to fuck him. Soon the student is coaxing the teacher to screw him even harder and faster. Each new position they try heightens their excitement and they both pant their way through the intense sex-ercise until finally producing two shots of milky cum.
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3. Hunter Marx OrgAtRg, Scott Campbell OgrAbRr
Hunter Marx pumps himself up while waiting for his student to come in for his workout. Instead of putting Scott Campbell through his paces, the wily trainer has his willing trainee service him and his big fat cock. He strips down and stands at ease, enjoying Scott's tongue reps sliding up and down his dickshaft. Then he pays it back, giving as good as he gets by first sucking Scott's dick and then eating out his asshole. Ready to amp up the action, they begin to fuck, first with Scott down on all fours, then while he's laying on his back until Hunter shoots a viscous pool of cum over the young man's abs and chest.

4. Parker Perry OgrAb, Phenix Saint OrgAt
Playful Parker Perry stops his workout to follow sexy Phenix Saint into the sauna, turned on by the trainer's impressive body and his even more impressive cock. Phenix is aware that the young rascal's anxious to fool around and in a flash, Parker is sucking the big guy off, swallowing his love muscle down with gusto. This physical contact is just what the doctor ordered: every move and touch, every kiss and lick... just like medicine to soothe their throbbing muscles. Phenix then nurses on Parker's porker, letting the big uncut slab of meat slide back and forth through his clamped lips. Then the two fuck. Phenix's cock pierces Parker's tight puckered asshole making them both moan with pleasure. In and out, fast and slow, in a series of different positions, the buttfucking is relentless and pleasurable. Phenix's fierce ass-pounding tests Parker's stamina and endurance until one after the other they both shoot their loads.
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If stud Samuel Colt's first onscreen bottoming performance doesn't get you worked up, then nothing else will. And that is far from the only thing in "Worked Up" that is notable.
Samuel strolls into his gym locker room just in time to get a glimpse of hot trainer Jim Ferro's furry ass, just as he's pulling up his shorts. Out on the gym floor, Samuel is dutifully doing squats to build up his own beefy butt when Jim grabs a handful of what Samuel is working up. These two magnificently masculine studs then play with each other's pecs and nipples, kiss, and get hard in the first moments of the scene, and then Samuel chokes down Jim's pierced dick, taking time to also lovingly lick the head with a tender tongue. Later, Jim shoves his tongue between Samuel's tight glutes, wetting down the hole so much that spit drips off Samuel's balls as he's doing it. Then comes the moment of truth: Jim slides his cock into Samuel from behind, and the penetration is shown in glorious close-up from underneath. Samuel also sits down hard on Jim's cock, then lies back to take a good missionary pumping before the loads are spilled, both of which are awesome.
Next, another trainer, Tom Wolfe, has designs on his client, tight-bodied Jayden Grey. The two are so close when Jayden is doing barbell curls that they almost kiss, which is a nice teaser that leads up to the actual thing. Jayden drops to his knees and goes down on Tom while feeling up his hairy chest, and then Tom sucks Jayden and eats his ass before fucking him from behind. The fuck continues with Tom really slamming into Jayden missionary while Jayden jerks his own dick. Jayden rides Tom in the reverse cowboy before spewing a gusher load, then Tom perches on Jayden's back to jerk out his own cream.
Hunter Marx doesn't even bother giving his client, Scott Campbell, any exercises to do. That is, unless you count doing reps on his dick. Hunter's cock springs to life the moment he pulls down his shorts, and Scott is on it, deep-throating him to the root. Scott does eventually get around to squats; that is, squats on Hunter's face. Hunter slowly sticks it in Scott doggy-style, giving his bottom time to adjust, but it doesn't take Scott long before he's pushing his ass back on Hunter's meat. Hunter fucks a load out of Scott, then he pulls out and leaves a big glob of spunk smack dab on top of Scott's navel.
The finale takes place, appropriately, in the sauna, where Phenix Saint and Parker Perry are relaxing after a workout. Parker follows Phenix in, and Phenix tempts Parker over to his side of the sauna with a flash of his erection under the towel he's wearing. Mutual oral action follows, and Phenix really gets a mouthful of Parker's thick, uncut meat. Phenix then fucks Parker all over the sauna, in several different positions, all of them shown to perfection by great camera work. Parker's furry butt is just hot as hell, and so are Phenix's intense facial expressions as the fuck progresses. Phenix fucks an enormous load out of Parker, one that coats his hairy body with jism, in the biggest cum-shot of them all.
DVD features: Chapters; gallery; trailers (""Depths of Desire" Part 1," "Depths of Desire: Part 2? and "Man Up"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )
*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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