Finestar - Miami Spice

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Starring Nickolay! Take the hottest Latin guys in Miami throw in a few white boys for flavor and you have Miami Spice. One taste and you'll be hooked.


    * Nickolay Petrov,
    * Ricky Ferrero,
    * Lee Sexton,
    * Devon Jung,
    * Speedy Santiago,
    * Angel Santos,
    * AJ Perez,
    * Geo Vaughn,
    * Troy Taylor

Studio: Finestar

Interesting side note:
Nickolay Petrov is a horny stud from eastern Europe and a university graduate who signed an exclusive contract with US outfit Jet Set Men in 2007 after appearing for a couple of years with big and small studios alike. He stands about 6ft tall, packs 8.5 inches of uncut dick, is famous for his impressive cumshots, identifies as straight and has appeared in straight porn. He was charged in 2008 under his real name of 'traveling in interstate commerce with the intent to kill, injure or harass' a Florida couple - and he was jailed for 20 years in February 2009. A friend had approached him and offered to pay if he would scare a third man's in-laws - who had stopped financially supporting him and his wife.
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