MC - Boss 4

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DescriptionThe BOSS is back and Rob has been breaking down this straight stud down to his knees. Today is another spontaneous and incredibly hot scene. The Boss comes to Rob's place and has been holding a load for over a week! A week! Today Rob's tight brown hole brings that puppy to fruition and squirts a load up Rob's ass and the look on the Boss's face is priceless! This is another short shoot but its incredible how this straight stud is so turned on by a tight ass!
Today was a special day because Boss and I have been hanging out aside from the work and i've been getting to know him a little better. He's got a heart of gold and is a father of 3 and he lives his kids. Aside that he's built like a brick shit house and has the dick of death so this union is a great one. When he arrived at my studios his bright and bubbly personality shined through but he was definitely horny and ready for action.
We did all the paperwork necessary to get this shoot on the road and then went downstairs to my bathroom and took some pretty awesome shots of this beautiful straight boy from head to toe. Once we got past the pictures we made our way downstairs to my theater room where I meticulously began to break down the Boss stripping him of not only his clothes but also breaking down his straight wall that most straight guys put up at first. Its so obvious they are enjoying the service but the expressions on their faces try to tell otherwise.
Once the cameras were rolling i began to do my dirty work and the Boss was enjoying every minute of the licking i gave his balls. Next i made my way to that beautiful 8 inch cock taking it balls deep and giving the Boss a moment of satisfaction expressed so eloquently on his face. His cock was hard within minutes and I immediately went for the condom and wrapped up that puppy so I can do my dirty work.
While the Boss sat on my couch watching some pussy porn, I stood over him backwards cowboy and sat down on that 8 inch monster engulfing it balls deep which made him melt into the couch. He closed his eyes and took in the warn, wet hole that his cock was comfortably enjoying but once again... it didn't last long because the boy can't hold his nut in for the life of him. On the same token, its so fricking hot to see him squirm and lose control in the hands of a gay guy! Yum YUM!

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