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BG East DK12 Ty Alexander vs Goren Ford

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DescriptionThere's something about the Dark Knights series that cuts to the core for erotic wrestling fans. The storied tradition of Dark Knights has long delved deep into the shadowed corners of wrestlers' psyches, where the competition to win is merely at the surface of the battle being waged. For some of our wrestlers, the real battle is fought internally, between their passionate desire to dominate and the seductive allure of conceding body, mind and soul to a worthy opponent with the savage talents to claim them. Not only to be beat, but to be mastered is what distinguishes the deeply erotic flavor of a Dark Knights match. And wrestlers primed and ready to face those darkly shadowed, high-stakes corners of their secret desires are surprisingly rare.

Also rare is an adorable jobber like Ty Alexander who can inhabit the wrestling scene from day one as if he's owned the place for years. In his brief tenure with BG East, Ty has quickly distinguished himself for his readiness to fully commit everything he's got to a match, no matter what he stands to lose. He perpetually teeters between a gasping innocence and a dangerous slyness, and he's demonstrated repeatedly his powerful intuition of what makes wrestling so damn sexy. Never at a loss for more opponents eager to get their hands on his bubble butt, Ty manages to keep them guessing as to who they'll meet on the mats, the unspoiled cherub or the sadistic little devil.

Hot newcomer Goren Ford knows exactly which version of Ty Alexander he wants to face: a completely subservient, harshly disciplined, eagerly compliant boy ready to do absolutely anything his new master commands. When he arrives to find Ty luxuriating in the reflected image of his own smooth, tanned body accented by stark white, high fashion mesh briefs and entirely impractical mesh sleeves, Goren knows that he has his work cut out for him. "That's not what I told you to wear," the beautifully muscled hunk growls a deep baritone. "I don't give a shit what you told me," Ty snaps back defiantly.

"If you're going to be my boy, you're going to wear what I tell you to wear, you understand?" Goren growls, bullying his opponent to the mat and ripping the sleeves off of him. "I don't belong to you!" Ty snarls, almost pleadingly, as if he isn't opposed to the idea itself, but rather determined that tall, dark and handsome Goren has to earn it. And that's precisely what this aspiring daddy plans to do. "Oh, you will," Goren promises. "All of this is going to belong to me soon," he rumbles, squeezing Ty's alluring ass. Let the mastery begin...

Ty Alexander is giving away about 30 pounds of gorgeous, impeccably conditioned muscle to his ripped opponent, mysterious Goren. Seemingly effortlessly, Ty's aspiring owner manhandles the beautiful jobber, choking him, squeezing him, and repeatedly driving adorable Ty to the bitter edge of painful panic. Goren laughs as Ty screams in agony, weeping between his opponent's stunningly powerful thighs in a rib crunching bodyscissors.

"When I walked in, you were showing off your cute little ass, trying to get my attention," Goren growls, stroking and squeezing Ty's trapped bubble butt. Suddenly, he mounts him in a schoolboy pin, shoving Ty's face into his crotch. "That's what you came here for, right?" The cherub in white mesh sputters, struggling for air, suddenly rolled over into a deep face-to-crotch headscissors. Goren leans back, hands behind his head, showing off his ripped abs and long, strong body and commands, "Yeah, work those balls!"

Just when the Master's Spell seems to have been woven by the handsome dark knight, Ty works him with a vicious blow to his balls! Suddenly, the tables are turned, and it's Goren choking on the offending white-clad balls of his conquest, who now has him trapped in a face-to-crotch headscissors. "I'll wear what the fuck I want to wear!"

Patiently, Goren grants his prey riding time, letting Ty do his best to defy Goren's dark plans. Then abruptly, he tosses the cherub off of him and smacks the jobber hard across the face. "I think maybe you need to learn a lesson today."

The lesson plan includes equal measures of desire and discipline. Meting out doses of indulgent passion followed by harsh punishment, Dark Goren slowly takes control of Ty's supple body, and even slower, begins to seduce him with tenderness followed quickly by the back of his hand. He rips off the offending white briefs and comes back to collar the still grimacing boy. "Now I get to make you my boy. Don't fight, it only makes it worse."

Worse. Better. Trapped in the sadistic fantasies of a Dark Knight, everything becomes a blur for young Ty as his new master takes full possession, wearing him down with muscle and mind, force-feeding him his stunningly sexy cock, whipping Ty's body and balls with a riding crop, and leaving his boy gasping for more. He instructs Ty in precisely how to worship his sizzling hot body, where to touch him, how to hold him. Slowly, Ty's will morphs into his new master's will. The fight never leaves him, nor does Goren seem to want it to. But having claimed the cherub and conquered the little devil, Goren forces his willing victim to the heights of ecstasy that are now in his power alone to grant his awestruck charge.
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