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DescriptionLove me some Omar

Omar had a date with a girl who he was hot for, but didn’t want to try anything too soon, her family is friends with his. It would be really bad form for him to try to fuck her or get a bj from her or he would be answering to her father!
His balls were full and he thought he might lose control if he went on a date in that condition with such a good looking girl. When this situation arises is when Omar looks to a gay guy or whore for help, but since he would be spending his cash on his hot date, he thought of calling NYSM beforehand as their specialty is helping out straight guys no matter what the reason.
Although Omar still isn’t totally comfortable having another guy suck his cock, he still was in bad need of a blow job and NYSM had a willing cocksucker ready to help him out.

Officer T

Meet Officer T ! This is a hot blond cop who is looking to make some extra bucks on the side and get a blowjob while doing it. Officer "T" is a 35 year old cop here in NYC. Doesn't want to reveal too much about his personal life, with good reason.
While he is would much rather have a chick suck his cock he hesitatingly  let our brand new Resident Cocksucker Sean do it.

Sean is one of those old school cocksuckers  that we are so happy to have added to our stable. He wrote to us ... he was so eager and came with cocksucking references...we had to hire him!

Once Sean's mouth met Officer " T" 's cock, his hesitance went right out the window.....he forgot about his reluctance once the service session got under way even though a guy was doing it.

Officer " T " was really pleased with the blowjob that Sean delivered... not only did he get this cop to moan, groan and squirm...he also swallowed his load!

Officer X

Officer "X" is one of NYC's finest. We met this hot and kinky cop on St. Patrick's Day. He was in a bar with his officer buddies and he was really having a great time, even though he is not an Irish cop but an Italian one. He looks really amazing in his uniform, St. Patty's Day is the one and only day a year you will see cops and firemen drinking in uniform. I was pensive about approaching a group of drunk cops and asking one to let me take nude pics and a video of him. I overheard them swapping girl stories about how wild they like to get, a few mentioned 3 ways that they had which included another guy. HMMMM that was my "in." I worked my way into their conversation and eventually was able to get '"Officer X" away from the others. I gave him my card and said that I produce adult films and he should consider it. I immediately left the bar. Two days later "Officer X" calls wanting to find out more.

One thing led to another and we got him to do a shoot, but there were a few conditions, he insisted on keeping his face concealed and didn't want to speak too much on camera, I guess he has a lot on the line if found out. We can tell you this, he is married with 3 kids, lives on Long Island, his precinct is in Manhattan. He does cheat on his wife, love strip clubs and titty bars and when asked if he ever got a bj from a guy.....well.... he didn't say no.
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