[Coat West] Lucina - Romance 4

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DescriptionROMANCE 1:



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Romance I want to ... look at this combination of romance want to see ... this shoe Chue Activation
complete imaging !! the voice of everyone of such fans , including Kazuki Kimura was the largest request this time & Koh Masaki big brother duo, Hitoshi & Yu people of top idol duo, wing & Natsukawa Shuang of sensitive Erokonbi, and Romance first appearance of Sugiura Shogo & Ichihara Kotaro WILD ACE combination of playing the Romance of Zhu Chue Activation that were received from everyone !! anymore, and unsatisfactory 's delusion only ... Your Eros Show me want ...

① top Idol each other dating! sports and games, Masato in the singing voice of two people ... Jin to frolic in the karaoke knockout!?

②Romance first appearance Combi, and shy Hardcore Fuck without setting of Kotaro Shogo & Ichihara Sugiura !! also dick is getting hard ... !? while embarrassed sensitive erotic duo

③ West is proud of, the whereabouts of the wing & Natsukawa Shuang lust naughty master-slave relationship !! fall in love with Butler wings male students and Natsukawa ... really the love! ?

④ Korezo adult Han of Eros !! most requests Combi Kimura Kazuki & Koh Masaki ultimate SEX !! that micelles in yukata off shot is seen the figure of elements of

⑤ popular !! Models !!

Description From Website Original:

こんな組み合わせのロマンスが見たい… こんなシュチュエーションでのロマンスが見てみたい…

今回最多リクエストだった木村和輝&真崎航の兄貴コンビをはじめ、仁&優人のトップアイドルコンビ、翼&夏川爽の敏感エロコンビ、そしてRomance初登場の杉浦省吾&市原浩太郎のWILD ACE コンビが皆様から寄せられたシュチュエーションでのRomanceを奏でる!!

もう、妄想だけじゃ物足りない… 貴方のエロス見せて欲しい…

①トップアイドル同士のデート! スポーツやゲーム、カラオケではしゃぐ二人… 仁の歌声に優人ノックアウト!?

②Romance初登場コンビ、杉浦省吾&市原浩太郎の設定なしのハニカミガチンコFuck!! 照れながらもチンコはどんどん硬くなって…!?

③西が誇る敏感エロエロコンビ、翼&夏川爽が魅せるイケナイ主従関係!! 執事の翼に恋する男子学生・夏川… 果たしてその恋の行方は!?

④これぞ大人の漢のエロス!! 最多リクエストコンビ木村和輝&真崎航が浴衣姿で魅せる究極のSEX!!

⑤大人気!! モデルの素の姿が見れるオフショット!!
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