♺ Straight College Men - Duke and Tyler

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Hairy assed cousins... together!

For a while, Duke had been willing to do a shoot but the move to Las Vegas brought about a dearth of new models who could become SCM regulars. There was no pairing that would work that hadn't been done before and with few models of the right caliber making it beyond the audition process, there just wasn't a lot of opportunity for him to complete a video.

And so, in the course of the year or so while we were getting all the Las Vegas model recruitment kinks figured out, Duke ran up quite a tab in money owed for work not yet performed... over $10,000.

Like most, too, Duke needed more money rather than having extra lying around to pay things off, and so I came up with a plan. I told him that if he could get his cousin to do a shoot with him... interacting with him, I'd wipe out the debt and pay him a few thousand more. Of course, his cousin would get a substantial amount as well: It would be the most expensive one day shoot in the history of SCM, but real straight cousins together is a near impossibility indeed.

Given Tyler's previous stance on interaction, too, I figured it still wouldn't happen, but a few weeks later, he had agreed, the plans were set, and Duke and Tyler flew to Las Vegas on a Saturday morning.
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