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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-05-15 |
Tyler Griz recently hit me up to tell me about a hot boy from Arizona that I should meet. When he sent me some pictures of Shay Michaels, I wanted to meet him right away. Today he's telling me about his porn career and how far he's come in such a short time. His favorite scene so far was with Francois Sagat. He loves the life of a porn star, getting to travel, living out fantasies on screen, and having sex with some of the hottest men in gay porn. When I mention that I've heard his oral skills are exceptional, he bashfully laughs and then confirms that the rumors are true. He happily begins nuzzling his beard against the front of my nylon shorts, massaging the bulge that's been growing while we were chatting. I reach down and pet his furry thick pecs, enjoying how huge and firm they are. As he slides my semi-hard dick into his mouth, I enjoy the warmth of his mouth enveloping it. He gulps and grunts happily as he feasts on my hardon, greedily gobbling it to the base. He takes a moment to catch his breath and compliments me on my dick before grabbing my legs, pulling me closer as he continues slurping on it. While gagging and slobbering, he reaches down and grabs the swelling in his shorts, tugging at his cock as it strains against the fabric. His eyes tear up and he looks up at me for approval before going back down on it, gagging and laughing at himself for doing so. He kneels and goes a little harder before slurping on my balls while I jerk off. He rubs his beard on my crotch and heads southward with his tongue, teasing my asshole with it. Finally he shoves his face deep into my hairy crack, working his tongue as far into my sphincter as he can reach, moaning the whole time. This brings me to the brink and I stand to feed him my load. Obediently, he sticks out his tongue to catch the creamy product of his work. Then he gobbles my cock greedily before frantically jerking his dick. His massive arms and chest are fully flexed as he works himself into a frenzy, spraying his jizz all over the shag carpet.

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