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♺ Dragon Media - Splittin' Wood

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-08 |

2011, 135 min
Country:  US
Studio :  D/G Mutual Media, Dragon Media Corporation
Cast:  Colby Keller, Arpad Miklos, Angyl Valantino, Hot Rod, Jake Steel, Shay, Joe Raven, Gavin Waters
Director:  Ray Dragon

Splittin' Wood might be the title, but pounding wood is a bit more accurate. Show me Colby Keller in a t-shirt and jeans chopping wood – you had me at Colby Keller. Hell, put him on a box of sardine-scented tampons and I'd rush out to buy 'em! Still this puppy has more to offer than the man I've been sending wedding rings and hair clippings to.*

Jake Steel is hiking to town when he's spotted by a passing Shay, who eyes him from his truck. After Shay teases Jake with a peek at his cock, Jake takes Shay up on his offer of a sweet detour. They head back for some hot and heavy cabin fever. Good thing there aren't any neighbors for miles to complain about the noise!

The solos are also "bad-touch" hot! Joe Raven sports a handlebar mustache absent from porn for way too long. That enough was enough to get me to spit in my hand. Make it to the point when he's writhing around on a tree stump letting is finger do the walking, and you've made it further than me.

We catch Gavin Waters returning from the forest with a chainsaw in hand. That sight alone will get an engine revving. After some self groping and fondling in a clearing, he moves indoors to work out a heavy load built up after a day with father nature.

Angyl and HotRod don't waste any chit-chat tearing it up in the back bed of a pickup truck. All I can say is the truck has excellent shocks. Excellent shocks...

*Not really sending hair clippings or rings... But if anyone else is - I will gut you like a fish! Just give me a name!
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