When She's Not Around - Defiant Productions (2002)

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Cast: Adam, Chad Wiley, Christian, Dan Doe, Jayden, Johnny B. Johnson, Kenny, Lukas, Timmy Tucker
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From the press notes, courtesy of Defiant Productions:
    Chad and Lukas are kicking back when Adam walks in. These three boys waste no time in stripping off all their clothes and getting down to it. As Lukas rubs Adam's groin, Chad throws his pants off down to his knees and starts rubbing his cock, glancing down to Adam's huge member.
    It's not long before Chad gets bored with his own cock and moves over to start sucking on Lukas'. He takes all 7-inches of it down his throat, which Lukas clearly enjoys.
    So not to feel left out Adam starts going down on Chad's rather large dick as Lukas proceeds to gobble Adam's. Quite the friendship! Always wanting to try something new, Chad lubes up Lukas' ass and slides his dick right in. Chad fucks Lukas until he creams all over his ribbed abs. Adam crouches on his knees and shoots into Lukas' open mouth and chest. Chad ends by shooting his load on his chest and armpit.
    While waiting for Chad to finish, Lukas shoots another huge and creamy load into Adam's hand. But Adam doesn't want it so he offers it back to Lukas who laps it up like a good boy.
    Horny boys Christian and Jayden are spending the morning watching a porno. They both drop trou and pull their cocks out. Whacking away Christian keeps looking over at Jayden's cock, clearly wanting to take matters into his own hands. So that's what he does. Without flinching Jayden looks down at his cock being handled for the first time by another guy.
    Taking off all their clothes, Jayden kneels up on the couch and wants more attention from Christian, who is more than happy to oblige. Christian actually spends more time with his hand on Jayden's cock than he does on his own. With a sly look to us, Christian points his cock towards himself and shoots a nice load all over his torso. But with Jayden taking his time wanking it, Christian offers to help. With a big smile on his face Christian takes a firm hold of Jayden's dick and wanks it for all it's worth. As Christian keeps jacking him off, Jayden isn't able to hold back any longer and shoots a huge load onto his abs.
    Dan and Jayden get back from an afternoon of skateboarding and are rather sweaty. So they decide to take a shower - together. They both strip down and step into the tub. Passing the soap to one another they lather themselves up, concentrating, funnily enough, on their swollen loins. Even though these two lads are straight, they are clearly very excited with the situation as they have hard ons you can't even knock down with a hammer. Dan has a nice thick cock and you can see Jayden taking secret peeks at Dan's piece. Does he resist his urges? You'll just have to watch and see. But both shoot off huge streams of cum out of their cocks one after the other all over the edge of the bath tub...and at Joe, the camera guy!
    Timmy asks if Johnny and Kenny have ever seen a bi-sexual porno before. They haven't so Timmy pops one into the VCR. Timmy and Kenny are both gay but Johnny, our straight boy is rather curious to check it out - gay sex that is. "So show me what you do man" Johnny asks, so Timmy heads down and swallows Kenny's thick cock. Johnny reaches into Timmy's boxers and starts playing with his cock while having his other hand firmly on his own. Kenny returns the favor on Timmy as Timmy goes down on Johnny. (The first time a guy has sucked his dick and he isn't complaining.) Kenny is ready to cum and Johnny wants him to shoot his load on him, so Kenny sends hot and thick stream after stream of cum on Johnny's abs, chest and neck.
    Timmy then starts licking up some of the cum from Johnny's chest. This really gets Johnny excited and leans down and kisses Timmy's cock then stands up and has both guys sucks his cock and play with his balls. He can't take it any more and shoots his load over Kenny and the couch. Timmy then shoots his load high out of his thick-headed cock and licks his juice up. Kenny, excited by the fact he had a straight guy blow his load on him, cums for a second time. "I think it's time to hit the showers." Kenny says. Good advice.

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