Anime - Free! Complete Seasons 1 & 2 [1080p] HD Pack

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DescriptionSeason 1:
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Title: Free! - Season 1 - Iwatobi Swim Club
Size: 1.3GB ~ 1.8GB (Each Episode)
Duration: 00:20:36 (First 11 Episodes) 00:22:06 (Episode 12)
Original Run: July 4, 2013 -- September 26, 2013
Directed by: Hiroko Utsumi
Written by: Masahiro Yokotani
Music by: Tatsuya Kato
Studio: Kyoto Animation
            Animation Do

Episodes: 12
List of Episode Titles:
01 - Reunion at the Starting Block!  "Saikai no Sutātingu Burokku!" (再会のスターティングブロック!)
02 - Memories in the Distance!        "Tsuioku no Disutansu!" (追憶のディスタンス!)
03 - Theoretical Dolphin Kick!        "Riron no Dorufin Kikku!" (理論のドルフィンキック!)
04 - Captive Butterfly!              "Toraware no Batafurai!" (囚われのバタフライ!)
05 - Trial on Open Water!            "Ōpun Wōtā de Taiken!" (オープンウォーターで体験!)
06 - The Shock of Not Breathing!      "Shōgeki no Nōburījingu!" (衝撃のノーブりージング!)
07 - Style One Final!                "Kessen no Sutairu Wan!" (決戦のスタイルワン!)
08 - Counterattack Medley            "Gyakushū no Medorē!" (逆襲のメドレー!)
09 - Hesitant Loosening Up!          "Mayoi no Rūzun Appu!" (迷いのルーズンアップ!)
10 - Irritated Heart Rate!            "Iradachi no Hāto Reito!" (苛立ちのハートレイト!)
11 - Passionately All-Out!            "Gekijō no Ōru Auto!" (激情のオ一ルアウト!)
12 - Distant Free!                    "Harukanaru Furī!" (遙かなるフリー!)

01 - Makoto's Worries!                  "Makoto no Nayami!" (真琴の悩み!)
      & Member Recruitment!            "Buin Boshū!" (部員募集!)
02 - One Week with Rin and Nitori!      "Rin to Nitori no Isshūkan!" (凛と似鳥の一週間!)
      & Rei's Extreme Dive Training!  "Rei no Tobikomi Mō Tokkun!" (怜の飛び込み猛特訓!)
03 - Rei, Theories, and Speedos!        "Rei to Riron to Būmeran!" (怜と理論とブーメラン!)
      & The Iwatobis!                  "Iwatobike no Ichizoku!" (岩鳶家の一族!)
      & The Haruka FrFr!              "Harukanaru Furi Furi!" (遙かなるフリフリ!)

Opening Theme: Oldcodex "Rage On!"
Ending Theme: Style Five "Splash Free!"

Season 2:
Anime | English Sub (Optional) | Japanese Audio | mkv |!_%28anime%29

Title: Free! - Season 2 - Eternal Summer
Size: 542MB (Each Episode)
Duration: 00:23:42 (All Episodes)
Original Run: July 2, 2014 -- September 24, 2014

Episodes: 13
List of Episode Titles:
01 - Stormy Dive-Dash!              "Arashi no Daibu Dasshu!" (嵐のダイブダッシュ!)
02 - The Stroke of a Chance Meeting!          "Kaigō no Sutorōku!" (邂逅のストローク!)
03 - The Butterfly of Farewell!              "Wakare no Batafurai!" (別れのバタフライ!)
04 - The Somersault Turn of Promise!          "Yakusoku no Samāsoruto Tān!" (約束のサマーソルトターン!)
05 - A Resolution's Heads-Up!              "Ketsui no Heddo Appu!" (決意のヘッドアップ!)
06 - Invincible Prime!                    "Muteki no Puraimu!" (無敵のプライム!)
07 - The Crouching Start of Vindication!          "Setsujoku no Kurauchingu Sutāto!" (雪辱のクラウチングスタート!)
08 - The Locomotive of a Twist!            "Henkyoku no Rokomōtibu!" (変局のロコモーティブ!)
09 - The Forming of a Slump!              "Shissoku no Fōmingu!" (失速のフォーミング!)
10 - The Six-Beat Kick of Tears!            "Namida no Shikkusu-Bīto!" (涙のシックスビート!)
11 - The Open Turn of Destiny!            "Unmei no Nebā Tān!" (運命のネバーターン!)
12 - A Swim-Off in a Foreign Land!              "Ikyō no Suimofu!" (異郷のスイムオフ!)
13 - The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!          "Hajimari no Etānaru Samā!" (はじまりのエターナルサマー!)

Free! starts with four boys—Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin—before they graduate from elementary school. They all participated in a swimming tournament and won, though they parted ways. Years later, Haruka and Makoto reunite with Nagisa when Nagisa enrolls into high school a year after Haruka and Makoto. Not long after, Rin, who was thought to be in Australia, turns up and challenges Haruka to a race and wins. Afterward, Nagisa suggests creating a swimming club and using the run-down outdoor pool. Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa, and later on, Rei, create the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club and work together to make the club a success. Rin's victory over Haruka means nothing to him as he realizes that Haruka had stopped swimming competitively and wasn't in top shape. He claims that he cannot get over the fact until Haruka competes against him for real. The members of the revived Iwatobi Swim Club later enter a swimming competition against Rin.

There's quite a lot of gay slurs and Muscle Worship! Basically Boys in there Speedos most of the time.....not much full on nudity though....but definitely loads of great eye candy....seriously one of the best looking Animes out there, full of fantastic characters with depth and complexity~!! That's why I just had to watch this in 1080p High Definition.....It's totally worth it, trust me! >_<
Have Fun, and Enjoy~
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NOTE: Just to let you know.....This series is not a focus on Gay Characters - it's more a play on Gender and Sexuality than anything else! So if you are looking for everything from gay sex and nudity to gay dramas and storylines, you'd probably be very disappointed~ >__<
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