Marcostudio - Stiff Security (Brazil, 2001)

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DescriptionA video producer on a low budget describes the usual problems one has during an outdoor video shoot: mosquitoes, bad weather, no show-up, performers who get involved with the crew, etc. To avoid this last kind of problem, he hires 3 straight security guards.
The viewer follows the Director's odyssey, whose efforts to anticipate any possible troubles are overcome by reality.

Cast:  Edmundo Castro, Julio Vidal, Roberto Aguilar, Ivan de Morais, Hugo Toledo, Emerson Prata, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sidney Sampaio, Jorge Rios, Renato di Giorgio and Chang Ling (non-sexual role).

1. The Director shoots a 3-Way.

2. The Director, with the help of two versatile performers set up the location and shoots the 2nd. scene.

3. While one performer (Julio Vidal) waits for his turn, he meets the security guard who is off-duty. Julio knows that that guy isn't straight and blackmails him in order to have sex. After Julio promises to keep it secret, the 2 guys begin to have sex, and are soon joined by a 3rd performer.

4. The two other security guards (mature Jorge and novice Renato) get distracted and horny while the shooting goes on. They are ripe for man-to-man sex, but cannot admit it. Soon they are caught by two horny bandits who want to watch them having sex. Jorge and Renato pleasure each other orally but when they're urged to penetration, the guard who arrives to his turn "rescue" them and reverses what was going on.. Soon, the 3 security guards are watching the show performed by the 2 bandits.

5. After the bandits run away, the security guards get a call from the director who announces he's going to cancel the shooting. Quickly they suggest themselves ("3 former straights") for the missing scene, and the surprised director gladly approves them and saves the shooting day.

Director Max Julien returns in top form with "Stiff Security," a Brazilian epic that was shot entirely outdoors and uses the movie-within-the-movie theme. Julien has once again assembled a cast that is scrumptiously natural, hairy, uncut, and bursting with cum, with a new standout hunk named Victor Rios.
Ever wondered how porn directors manage to shoot these exhaustive, explicit, erection-inducing scenes outdoors in plain sight? Seems problematic, with all the chances of being caught, right? Julien's answer -- and the set-up for this entire video -- is to hire security guards to patrol the perimeter of the shoot, keeping trouble at arm's- (dick's?-) length.
Of course, you can't hire gay security guards -- they'd be too interested in the action, and might not do the job properly, so being straight is the main requirement for the job. Yeah, right.
In scene one, the director, played by Chang Ling, is shooting the first scene, a hot three-way between the ever-erect Julio Vidal, who is a MarcoStudio veteran, and newcomers, smooth and handsome Emerson Prata and boyish and cute Ivan de Morais. Vidal looks on as de Morais sucks Prata's huge club of cock, and pretty soon Vidal is demanding some of the action for his own mini baseball bat of a dick. Then Prata jams into de Morais from behind, while de Morais tries to get his lips around Vidal's thick dick. Ling continues to direct the action while Vidal then fucks de Morais, who sucks on Prata. In the finale, de Morais is on his knees in front of the other two studs, and jerks himself to orgasm. Then Prata cums, rubbing his load into de Morais' stubbly cheek. Finally, Vidal shoots, and it is the biggest load of all three, coating de Morais' face with cum.
In the next scene, the performers, hairy Roberto Aguilar and handsome Sidney Sampaio, help to set up the scene before they even get to lick dick -- is that in their job description? Maybe they just figure that if they help, they can get to the main event faster. These two prove to be versatile in other ways, too -- both studs are expert cocksuckers, which they prove by performing a hot 69, and both get fucked. Aguilar rims Sampaio from below, and Sampaio delivers a huge load of milky white cum that lands in Aguilar's forest of chest hair. Then Aguilar gets on all-fours, while Sampaio rims his hairy asshole, and Sampaio slides into Aguilar's hole from behind and pounds it. They reverse positions, and Sampaio gives it up for Aguilar. Sampaio shoots again, blowing his load beneath while he continues to get plowed. As Aguilar continues to fuck him, Sampaio raises another erection and cums yet again. Finally, Aguilar gets his, pulling out of Sampaio's well-fucked ass and shooting a big load all over his hairy cheeks.
The action gets to be too arousing for the "straight" guards, who have been sneaking peeks throughout the first two scenes. Gorgeous young guard Hugo Toledo slips off to a nearby rocky beach for some alone time and a quick wank, but he is discovered by our boy Vidal (who knows a good opportunity for a quick piece when he sees one). Vidal, wearing only a very skimpy towel, manages to blackmail the straight stud into having sex with him. First Vidal and Toledo trade blowjobs, then they 69. After moving under some nearby trees for shade, de Morais joins the action. Vidal uses de Morais' ass, while Toledo sits on de Morais' face. Then Vidal fucks de Morais standing up, holding one of his legs in the air for deeper penetration while de Morais blows Toledo. Vidal produces another impressive money-shot, spurting all over de Morais' lower back while rubbing his meat between de Morais' upturned cheeks. Then de Morais strokes himself to an orgasm while sucking Toledo. Toledo shoots last, a gusher that again coats de Morais' face with sperm.
The two other guards get into the action next. Studly, daddy man Jorge Rios and young hunk Renato di Giorgio talk themselves into full erections, which they unleash by unzipping their uniform pants. They get so involved in what they are doing that they totally forget their real jobs, and two interlopers (Edmundo Castro and Alfonso Ribeiro) take control of the scene. Castor gets behind Rios and Ribeiro gets behind di Giorgio, and they push the two studs together, forcing a kiss, then mutual blowjobs. Rios, who is a star hunk of the first order, sucks di Giorgio greedily, his bulging biceps flexing with each swallow of the younger stud's cock. But Castro and Ribeiro lose control of the action when their own erections take over their thinking processes, and soon they are forced to perform, too. Ribeiro first sucks Castro, who is the biggest, hunkiest, hottest bottom director Max Julien ever put on screen, then he returns the favor for Ribeiro while hunky Rios barks orders at the two. The Castro bends over and bares his globular, lightly-furred ass and offers it to Ribeiro, who slides his uncut meat all the way into Castro. There is a very hot camera shot of the action from below, as Castro's ass gets plowed and his uncut meat sways with each thrust. Rios and di Giorgio watch the action, jerking their cocks. Castro cums hard, his pecs flexing as he strokes his meat to a splattering orgasm. Ribeiro follows, spewing all over Castro's café-au-lait ass. Guard Rios can hold back no longer, and he unloads over his stroking fist.
Meanwhile, back at the real porn shoot, director Ling has had it -- the mosquitoes, the gnats, the studs with no sex drive (huh?) -- what's a director to do? He informs the guards that he is shutting down production, and that they are out of a job. But Rios has another plan: What if he and the other guards can fill in? It's no problem -- they're now "former straights." No kidding. The next scene, which involves the guards only, makes you wonder if they ever liked women, because they are so good at getting their rocks off with men. All three studs line up, jerking their massively erect dicks for the camera, then Rios gets in the middle for trade off blowjobs by the others. First di Giorgio fucks Toledo, and then he turns the job over to Rios. Rios has excellent skills at being a top, with his swivel-thrust hip action. It must feel like getting fucked by a living corkscrew. In the finale, the three again line up for a one-two-three POW! cum-shot.
"Stiff Security" may have been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.
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