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Gut Reaction

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DescriptionCast:  Jeff Baron, Mark Evrett, Rob Harris, Mark Kent, Frank Sylvano, Devon Rexman, Mark Masterson

Director:  Steven Scarborough

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 23 min

Year: 1996

Studio :  Plain Wrapped Video, Hot House Video

Oy vey. It’s another Plain Wrapped filthathon. They keep ‘em coming and I’ll keep praising ‘em. They can do no wrong. This is another of those “plot, what plot?” heavy action, heavy duty set-pieces where there’s so much eye candy on show your teeth may rot.

To paraphrase Diana Ross:
“I’m in the middle of a gut reaction!
You give me all the after-midnight action!”

We start with a voice over on a plain black screen. “Yeah, you want that dildo?” enquires the voice and the words “opposite of vanilla” spring to mind. Welcome to Vanilla Hell, aka Pigsex Heaven. Welcome to Manhole!

We start with an amazingly hot scene, a close-up of RexmanÂ’s sweat-covered chest. Along comes what IÂ’m assuming to be Baron - but his face is obscured. Bresson employed the same trick in Lancelot du Lac - and thatÂ’s art! Baron forces his costar to worship his muscular body encased in a two-piece bondage outfit the likes of which IÂ’ve never seen before, but I know what I now want for Christmas. After noisily and slobberingly swallowing BaronÂ’s huge angry purple snake (and weÂ’ll forgive a sticky-out tummy button just this once) and balls (from the front and the back) Rexman shoots after BaronÂ’s ass has proved too beautiful not to be rimmed to death.

Cut to a close-up of an extremely hairy ass. ItÂ’s gotta be no other than our favorite, Evrett, that hirsute sweetie with the bucket fanny. Baron, evidently not satisfied with his Rexman encounter, is busy tonguing it, working his hot dick with his hands. One finger leads to many which leads to toys, as the Plain Wrapped regulation oversize novelty-purposes only ones are brought out and introduced to another famous jacksie making his P.W. debut. And Baron sure knows how to punchfuck. Evrett keeps losing his balance heÂ’s enjoying it so much. Watch this scene while fast-forwarding - itÂ’s really funny as Baron forces his way in and out with the same veracity a hummingbird flaps itÂ’s wings with.

Next up Kent is bossing about slave Sylvano and demanding to see his “pretty boy butt,” bending him over a sling and slapping it playfully. Kent does some great vocals, but it’s either “pretty boy” or “pig” and nothing in-between! Rexman lies in a nearby sling watching the action, fucking himself with a sword-dildo all the while.

Baron walks in and Kent graciously offers him the use of Sylvano - or as he romantically puts it, “You want this pig?” Baron happily obliges and takes over the dildo duties. Most of Plain Wrapped’s stable of stars aren’t in this movie (what, no Corey Jay?) and as Mark Baxter is nowhere to be seen I found myself quite fancying Italian Stallion Sylvano.

Suddenly they flip and Sylvano is forcing that now famous lumpy pink phallus (from now on I’m calling it PWOLAOSD – Plain Wrapped’s obscenely large and oddly-shaped dildo) up Baron, who goes insane. He gets even more doolally as Sylvano gets his fists up there, after using both hands to stretch that hole as far apart as he can.

Next there’s a hot foursome that unfortunately ends far too quickly. Sylvano is back in the sling and letting rip the “owwwhhh yeaaarrrhhhsss” as Baron dildos him whilst Rexman tongue worships Harris next to them. Why was this scene cut short? It looked great!

Evrett is back, in a sit-up-vertically-sling that gives Harris complete access to that hairy browneye. Evrett groans his mind away as his cock is twisted around and inserted into his own ass before Harris slips his fingers, hands, fists and dildos up there, bringing Evrett to a totally hot climax. Filthy oral too. And I want that sling set!

Lastly we have a great solo from Masterson who proceeds to shove a large bowl full of pool balls up his large bowel. They are taken up and pooped out in a fabulous show of sphincter control. Funny way to pick the lottery numbers.

This scene is almost a carry-on from the one in JumpinÂ’ Jacks, so itÂ’s probably half the sequence added to each to bump up their running times. But IÂ’m being negative over a simple flaw that canÂ’t ruin a great scene in a hot video. This was MastersonÂ’s first film, apparently. Guess some people are just born talented. I donÂ’t know how to play pool, but should a blue normally follow the yellow ball? Who cares, poor MastersonÂ’s butthole now looks like the AlienÂ’s mouth after all that self inflicted agony/ecstasy. The shot where he has to get his entire fist in to retrieve a stubborn ball is amazing - the poor guy will definitely need to lie down after this.
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