TickledHard - Dustin

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Description18-year-old straight boy Dustin works construction and makes money on the side as a go-go dancer at a gay club, so he's pretty secure with his sexuality. He even pops wood as soon as Franco starts strapping him down. This is going to be fun! Dustin's face and chest turn red as Franco tickles his smooth sides and armpits. He emits a high-pitched, breathless laugh as Franco tickles him all over his naked body. Every sensation is newer and more interesting to Dustin than the next. He giggles with pleasure as burly Franco tickles his exposed body, and he foolishly helps Franco slip off his size 12 boot. Franco tickles Dustin through his black athletic socks with his fingers and munches on his sexy bare soles, licking his feet with his big, rough tongue. Arching his back and lifting his butt off the table, Dustin's cock bounces around as he laughs like a cartoon character. Franco tickles his feet with different brushes, changing the sensation from one moment to the next, and Dustin's having a ball! Franco releases his arms and sucks his hard dick until he orgasms, even though almost nothing comes out. Still, Franco is able to torture Dustin's sensitive dick, then he strings up Dustin's feet so his creamy white underside is exposed and vulnerable. Dustin swings back and forth and tries to wring out his body, but there's no escape. Franco tickles his young, muscular thighs in a final ecstatic moment.
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