MilitaryClassified - Cooper 4

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DescriptionToday is a special video I'm releasing because its not typical of my format. There are no interviews and the set up is very casual. Before Cooper made his first movie, he use to come over off camera for cash and a bj/fuck which morphed into him eating my ass before he fucked it. This video is as close as it comes to how it actually went down. Its raw, uncut (only one fade in-out), and unrehearsed, just COOPER doing his straight thing for money and Rob accommodating him!
Typically this scenario would start out with a text message from Cooper and he wouldn't say anything but "you wanna hang out?" and i would respond "what time you thinking?" and before long Cooper was on his way over to make money. I would leave the front door unlocked and would tell him to just come in, lock it behind him, and come down the hall to my bedroom and walk inside. The room would be dark, he would get naked and lay on the bed with the remote keyboard and mouse and look for his pussy porn.
Next I would suck his cock with my ass in his direction because he liked to play with it while I sucked his dick. One time he blurted out "hey you want me to eat your ass?" "fuck yea" i said and he responded with "its an extra $20 bucks and i'll do it" and that's how it started. He would grab my ass like he was grabbing his girlfriend's ass and make his way between my cheeks and start munching little by little, teasing me and making me moan.
I would increase my cock sucking and really began going to town on his cock as he complimented me by eating my ass just as good and before long we had each other both satisfying the other with no end in sight. Cooper told me that he would eat his girlfriend out and she would shiver and shake with what he did with his tongue and he proved it to me today. Straight guys can tongue fuck a hole better than any gay guy could ever and that's an ironic statement. Of course a straight guy wouldn't tongue fuck a guy but in this case... it happened.
Once Cooper warmed up my hole with his tongue, lips and teeth... yes teeth.. he made me get up and stand over the chair so he could watch his porn and fuck my ass at the same time. This scenario was Cooper's favorite and he would really get into fucking my ass because he would grab my hips and maneuver me into position for him to boo his load.. and blow his load he did all up inside my ass!! YUM!

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