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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-30 |
This torrent is mostly comprised of clips featuring cute Johnathan whose tiny butt cheeks seem able to accommodate almost anything predatory.  I am not sure where I sourced the original files, but they were needlessly large and I have losslessly converted them all to MP4 to save space.

If you have not already seen these movies, I highly recommend them.  Totally amateur but generally good camera work and obvious discomfort from the recipient of the huge phalluses (or is that phalli?)


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Jorges Gang - Andres & Jonnathan-5.mp4 563622.11 KB
Jorges Gang - Christian And Johnathan-6.mp4 245896.84 KB
Jorges Gang - Javier And Jonnathan-1.mp4 241923.61 KB
Jorges Gang - Johnnathan's Fantasy Goes Wrong-2.mp4 262470.34 KB
Jorges Gang - Johnny-john Meets Mesril's Johnson-7.mp4 665850.37 KB
Jorges Gang - Jonathan Bred In Empty Pool-8.mp4 299595.31 KB
Jorges Gang - Jonathan's Painetration-9.mp4 235750.98 KB
Jorges Gang - Jonathan's Painetration.avi 532291.44 KB
Jorges Gang - Jonnathan And Marucio-10.mp4 515310.47 KB
Jorges Gang - Jonnathan And Renzo-3.mp4 378887.93 KB
Jorges Gang - Mesril & Carlito.avi 402852.52 KB
Jorges Gang - Thaigo And Jonnathan-4.mp4 413199.25 KB

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