♺ Southern Strokes - Carson & Nick

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Original upload: 2011-12-24 |
Carson and Nick
If you wondered what was really going on with all those country boys in the South when there momma and daddies are lookin, take a look at these two country boys fuckin. They are both from Southern towns far apart from each other but they speak the same language. When you first meet them Nick and Carson cum across and good ole country boys but tell them it’s ok to fuck and hold on to your britches.

We all know that if the opportunity has presented itself, the vast majority of us took to plunge and fucked around with other guys when we were young. Nick didn’t intentionally avoid have sex with another guy, he just lived in a town where that never presented itself as an option. So yes this is Nick’s first true sexual experience with a guy and you get to see it all unfold on video.

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