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Factory Extreme's "Cum Hungry Frat Boys" is your window into the secret initiations that take place in fraternities all over the country! Director Viper brings us a DVD that is a sweet 1 hour and 22 minutes, featuring six whipped filled scenes. Stars Josh Rogers, Josh Myers, Colby Steel, Johnny Molokai, Denny Smithson, Vennue Longhorn, Randal Lakes and Cole Carson. Are you man enough to pledge for this fraternity?

The DVD opens up with two hot pledges that have no idea what's in store for them... Soon enough we find them naked having to spank each other while their pledge master belittles them and whips their asses cherry red. After the spanking action ends they're forced into cages to sleep for the night.

The next morning the two pledges are awoken and forced to strip down two new pledges that are competing to be accepted into this prestigious fraternity! The spankings with whips and paddles continue and by the look of their cocks they're starting to enjoy this initiation. They're then told by the pledge master to get on their knees and suck each other's rods. Underneath those robes you can tell that these two pledge masters are getting a little hot and bothered themselves. In the end each one of these lucky pledges get to feast on the pledge masters throbbing dick after he whips it out of his robe for a little attention. Between licking asses and sucking cocks, these pledges have a lot of work cut out for them if they want to make it into this frat house. Getting into this fraternity is not all fun and games though as one pledge finds himself having to man up and taking the creamy loads of the other pledges all over his face.

Things turn a little kinky when the two pledge masters next tie a young stud of a pledge down to a bed and poor hot wax all over his body. The next pledge tied to the bed gets more than just wax, as they cover him in whip cream. He doesn't take this so well and is punished by receiving another round of hot wads of cum all over his face.

The pledge masters stroke themselves off while watching the hot young pledges take turns spanking and whipping each other's asses between sucking each other's cocks. This is just a warm up to their final initiation, which you'll have to watch this DVD to experience. Let's just say these pledges are in for a sweet reward for their hard work.

Do they make into this storied fraternity? Pop in "Cum Hungry Frat Boys" to find out! It's time for you and your cock to unlock the secrets that go on within your local frat houses.

Josh Myers
Colby Star
Johnny Molokai
Denny Smithson
Vennue Longhorn
Josh Rodgers
Cole Carson
Randall Lakes

Directed by: Viper
Produced by: Scott Morris and Gord Reece

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