Arpad Miklos fucks Victor Banda

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DescriptionIn the final scene, sexy rock-hard Arpad Miklos and muscular  Victor Banda get naked before Arpad plows his way deep into Victor's beefy butt.  A brilliant match-up that features stalwart stud Arpad Miklos and hairy, totally fuckable Victor Banda, whose sexy eyebrows are so thick it looks like two wooly caterpillars are crawling across his brow. Even Arpad seems amazed at the ease with which Victor swallows his extra-long cock, and it looks almost like special effects were used to capture it onscreen. Then it's Arpad's turn to show off by deep-throating Victor, who is just as impressively endowed. And for once, Arpad is also well-matched in the copious cum-shot category, with Victor giving up a huge blast to end the oral sequence. Arpad drives his face deep inside Victor's defined ass cleft next, pulling away so that the camera gets great shots of the glistening, wet hole he's tonguing. Victor teases further by making it wink at the lens. Arpad is a much larger man than Victor, and when he plants himself inside Victor's ass, it intriguingly accentuates the difference in their physiques. Like a beast in heat, Arpad drives hard for the remainder of the fuck sequence, and there are some stunning views of Arpad's huge cock as it plows into Victor's tight hole. Just before Victor's cock erupts with cream, Arpad slows down ever so slightly as he's fucking him; then, Arpad picks up the pace again before he pulls out and juices Victor's hairy belly.
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