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Elder Ricci - The Sacrament

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DescriptionToday is Elder Ricci’s Ordination, the final step in the initiation process, and his tight hole can barely handleBishop Angus’ massive cock.

Elder Ricci is still pretty new to bottoming, but he will do anything to be a part of the sacred Order. And though Ricci’s had his doubts throughout this process, getting pounded by the powerful barrel-chested daddy, is driving the handsome young rule follower wild with desire.

Bishop Angus has already commanded the boy to ride his dick from above, and now he flips Ricci onto his back and mounts him from behind.

Ricci can hear Angus’ loud, satisfied grunts as he thrusts deep inside his ass. He loves the musky smell of the man’s sweet, and slap of his legs and chest against his back.

Elder Ricci turns his head and smiles at the Angus, encouraging him to fuck him as hard as he can.

Bishop Angus holds Ricci’s arms down and cocks his hips so that he can fill the boy even deeper. Elder Ricci has completely surrendered his body.

But in this surrender, he feels a growing power inside of him. He knows, that as soon as Bishop Angus explodes inside him, Ricci will be one of the Brethren. He will join the ranks of the men who have been like father figures to him and be able to teach other boys, with his own massive cock, how to be obedient servants of the church.

Bishop Angus, presses the boy’s head against the couch and cover his body entirely as he fucks him.

Some day, Ricci, thinks with building excitement, this will be his job. He will bend boys across the temple benches and fill their fresh holes with his powerful seed.

“I’m close,” Bishop Angus moans. Ricci tightens his hole against Angus’ throbbing member. He can not wait to have the Bishop’s pump into his ass and shoot on his back.

He will give the man everything he needs. And he might just give Bishop Angus a massive load of his own cum.
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