[Pacific Sun] - Foreskin Frenzy

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Pete Ross is a pudgy reddish-blond who looks exactly like a great big baby except for his teeth, his big dick, and the ring behind his scrotum. He's like the dictionary definition of "fuckable." Director San Juan shows the star's hole a lot, as well as the squinting holes of his fuckers. Even though Ross is Associate Producer, he appears in only one scene and the Bonus Scene. His sassy, ass-y presence pretty much overpowers the other scenes, all set in a steamy Puerto Rican jungle.

We see very cute Puerto Rican Gura masturbating against a tree with just his dick and balls out of his jeans. He seems to be suffering from painful horniness. Along comes Ross in a prissy little t-shirt and flowered shorts. Gura plays with his own foreskin to seduce Ross, but that probably wasn't necessary, because Ross is carrying over his shoulder a towel to get fucked on! Gura slaps his big brown boner as if to punish it for hurting him so. Ross shows cut cock, but you know it's really his throat and asshole that have a hard-on. He bares his butt while Gura's cock is in his mouth. Soon he's forcing his gringo hole down on that thick dick. It seems to make his babyish belly protrude even more. The picture goes into slow motion to show you how deeply Gura rams Ross. Their splashy wads aren't spectacular, but their fucking is.

A dude named Indio jacks off in the jungle, a talkative older Puerto Rican man fucks a skinny white kid, and two uncut Latinos masturbate standing side-by-side, one nude, the other with his fly unbuttoned just enough to let his dick out.

But what you're waiting for is the "Bonus Scene," which actually just follows the other four. It features a great mutual ass eat-out between Ross and a terrifically built P.R. fucker, during which Ross' mouth opens wider as his hole does. Ross' pink, puckered hole and his fucker's gross, bumpy, protruding one make a mesmerizing study in anal beauty. Lots of shots of the fucker's squinting hole while he fiercely fucks Ross'.

Year Produced 2006, 75 min

Starring: Pete Ross, Gura, Indio, Ari, Luco
2010-04-30 06:42:08
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