BerlinStar Film - Office Sluts (mp4)

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Through what is probably Berlin, we follow a casually-dressed young man into a sleek office where a suited-and-tied man at a desk looks him up and down. The youth rubs his crotch. A noontime hustler? The man takes out his erection, looking incredibly primitive and vulgar in the squeaky-clean office with art prints on its white walls. The youth sucks it behind the desk. The camera cruises his ass, his long balls swinging as he sucks. The man jacks himself with the hustler's head. Red-faced, he loosens his tie. The youth seems as excited as the man, twiddling the exec's tits. The man, undressed, is way better built than the tit-ringed youth (executive gym?). He fucks the youth, legs up in cheap shoes, on the polished desk. The man cums gorgeously on the crack of the still-masturbating bought-boy. Surprisingly, he then embraces the youth tenderly before throwing him out.

A bald, black-suited businessman enters the office of a much younger bearded man, a receptionist, who pours a drink on him (ritual foreplay?). The man grabs the youth and forces the bearded face onto his own dick. Perhaps the youth is putting out for advancement? He's face-fucked, jacks a wad, and then licks it off the man's shoes.

He then admits a homely delivery boy who brings a large, limp dildo to the coverman's office. Coverman tenderly kisses the boy, plays with both their cocks. He deep-dildos the lad's hole open, then fucks it leisurely. The exploited lad is actually tender as the man jacks a load. The man jacks the lad's load, too-and eats it! The receptionist watches them. After the delivery boy leaves, the man flip-fucks with the receptionist, leaving the man's mouth and the receptionist's hole oozing cum.

In an elevator, two middle-aged execs give a cute delivery boy thick, cockringed dick in his mouth and ass. One exec bones the other as well.

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