Falcon Studios - Sexflix and Chill - Carter Dane, Ryan Rose (1080p)

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Performers: Carter Dane, Ryan Rose
Studio: Falcon Studios
Release Date: 2016-06-03
Duration: 29 min 56 s

Description: Legs spread and white briefs bulging, Ryan Rose is checking out the action on his Twitter feed when he gets a text from Carter Dane: 'Horny?' 'Of course,' is Ryan's reply. 'Sexflix and chill?' asks Carter. Ryan's cock twitches at the idea, and Carter heads over to Ryan's Vegas condo. Ryan greets Carter with passionate kisses and a finger up Carter's hole. Carter dives down to wrap his lips around Ryan's huge cock, displaying impressive deep throat skills. Trails of spit connect Carter's lips with Ryan's cock when he catches his breath. Bending over, Carter invites Ryan to eat out his tight hole, and Ryan dives in deep. He tongues the soft, pink center, and gives Carter's cock and balls play too. Ready to fuck, Ryan leaps onto the bed and presents his hard, throbbing cock for Carter to ride. Lowering himself down on Ryan's shaft, Carter power bottoms his way to the deepest, most powerful penetration. He gasps as Ryan pummels him from below; Ryan's eyes roll back with ecstasy. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they fuck their brains out with abandon. Rolling on his back, Carter lifts a leg high into the air, giving Ryan access to his tight fuckhole. The power of Ryan's fucking is incredible, and Carter revels in every second of it. Jerking his cock, Carter explodes on his stomach. He turns around to catch Ryan's white hot load in his mouth, and they seal the deal with a final kiss.

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