Unzipped - Rein Em In

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DescriptionBlake Riley, Dean Campbell, Eddie Diaz, Kyle Lewis, Sledge Sawyer, Steve Carlisle, T.J. Young, Tommy Blade

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys - unless you want them horny as a rabid prairie dog and looking for nasty action to satisfy their needs. The cowboys and wranglers who sidle up to the bar at Rawhide are looking for good ol' down-and-dirty fun. And raunchy action is what these caballeros get and give. With its Western theme and diverse cast of men, Rein 'Em In has a little of something for every buckeroo.  The camerawork and humor make this a bone-inducing flick. And with hotties like Tommy Blade, Blake Riley, and Dean Campbell, you'll be howling "Giddy-up!" in no time.

1. Bartender T.J plays the role of emcee. Of course, before he can get started he needs to get his boss (Steve Carlisle) off his back. So T.J. gets Steve on his knees instead. The two swap blowjobs on bales of hay. T.J. clearly has no gag reflex as he deep-throats Carlisle's thick tool with the greatest of ease. T.J. is an impressive cock sucker, and watching him in action would make anyone yell, "Yee-ha!" Carlisle can't wait to return the favor, and hungrily sucks and licks T.J.'s six-plus shooter. But T.J., with his cocky attitude and take-charge demeanor, is in control all the while as Steve thoroughly licks his impressively pink starfish. Very hot. And they only keep their cowboy boots on. Steve saddles up and takes a ride on T.J., but soon enough T.J. is pounding his boss without mercy. Steve squats on T.J.'s tool before getting a deep-dicking on his back. After T.J. shoots his moo-moo juice all over Steve, he flashes his cocky grin.

2. Next up, T.J. introduces a couple of weekend wranglers, Blake Riley and Dean Campbell. These two foxes are perfectly paired. Blake is adorable and Dean looks completely at ease in the cowboy persona. Dean gets Blake backed up against a barrel, drops to his knees, and starts sucking Blake's bone like a man-whore possessed. Nice close-up shots and Blake's dirty murmurings only add fuel to the fire. Blake thrusts hard into Dean's mouth, and Dean grabs on to his ass for more. Blake's face in the heat of passion is a thing of beauty.

Blake gives Dean great head, and Dean's grunts and groans clearly confirm that. The two share some very sexy kissing before Blake's ass is spread wide as he stands over two barrels and Dean rims to his heart's content. With Blake's hole all prepped, Dean slides in deep and fucks him like a bucking bronco. Blake cums with a shudder, and Dean follows suit, covering Blake's cock and balls with his jizz. The two are very sexy together and seem to be genuinely into it. The post-cum kissing is a welcome and sensual touch.

3. T.J. moseys on over to pool sharks Kyle Lewis and Eddie Diaz, who've have just scammed Sledge Sawyer. And in this bar, you pay up with ass. Eddie and Kyle lie down on the pool table while Sledge takes turns sucking and jerking off their huge cocks. Sledge shows off his oral aptitude and sex piggery by sucking both rods at the same time. Soon all three are spread out on the table in a sucking daisy chain. Eddie gives deep, sensual head to Sledge who sucks Kyle, who deep-throats Eddie. (Eddie's beautiful lips look amazing sliding down a fat dick.) Sledge has more tricks up his sleeve, and as Eddie and Kyle urge him on, Sledge impressively sucks his own cock. Eddie is turned on and needs some of that. He bends Sledge over and splits his ass with his dick. Sledge sucks at Kyle like a cock-hungry cowpoke. Eddie and Sledge then double-team Kyle. Kyle looks delicious splayed on the pool table as the guys take turns punishing and pleasuring his mouth and hole. In this game, everyone wins.

4. In the last scene, ├╝ber-fox Tommy Blade is throwing back a few beers to drown his sorrows. As in any good country song, it turns out he got dumped, fired, and his truck is broken. How will T.J. help him out? The two lean across the bar and share a hot kiss. Soon the boys are peeling off each other's clothes while getting into some heavy mackin'. Tommy takes T.J.'s longhorn in his mouth, and T.J. thrusts deep between Tommy's perfect, sensual lips. When Tommy looks up at T.J. with a mouth stuffed with meat, it's a cum-worthy sight.

Tommy likes getting his mouth fucked, and T.J. gives him his spit-soaked rod hard and deep. Tommy takes a seat on a barstool so T.J. can suck and lick his cock and balls. Tommy's face shows he's in pure ecstasy. Tommy stands, hoists a leg up, and T.J. laps at his tight chute before filling him with cock. Tommy's tanned, round ass was made for fucking, and he's an enthusiastic bottom. T.J. takes him on his back, while the sounds of Tommy's moans and grunts make the scene all that more charged. With a groan, Tommy cums from the ball-slapping fuck, but T.J. keeps going until he coats Tommy's delicious ass with warm cream.
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