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Description**Desperate for Seedbonus**

Cosmin just lights on a cigarette when he crosses underneath the bridge. Mirko calls him in, he wants Cosmin to share this cigarette. But Cosim ignores him and walks on. Mirko, a strong boy, is used to grab what he wants to have. He pushes Cosmin aside and needs no real effort to get the whole cigarette. But Cosmin won’t just buy in to this, he attacks Mirko. The fight is up. Cosmin applies a headlock but Mirko gets out of it. Now Mirko decided to teach the boy who rules. He twists Cosmin arm to the back and squeezes his head between his thighs. He twists to the limit, no escape for Cosmin. When he gets released quite a bit later, he immediately punches Mirko and runs. But Mirko is fast. On the grass he grabs the puncher and throws him to ground. Mirko pins the weakling and chokes him royally. He makes the boy suffer in his submission holds. Arm locks, slaps to the face, pins and chokes get added to the menue. He tortures Cosmin as he likes and has no mercy. Finally he releases the torturing and shows the boy his biceps. But Cosmin is angry now and despite the whole torture he had to go to, he attacks Mirko. Bad idea boy. Moments later he finds himself in a nasty headscissor. Mirko really crushes the boy now. Foot Domination, multiple submission holds, even using his knee and full weight make sure, Cosmin gets totally exhausted.
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