At Twilight Come the Flesheaters

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DescriptionI was looking everywhere for this Vidkid Timo film, which features wonderful Jim Buck as an actor and also as the production manager.  Then I found it on an old hard drive and thought I'd share.  One of perhaps a dozen films Timo wrote and directed as he aspired to take porn to a new level, but this one is the strangest.  He writes, "Digiorno (Timo) and his pals gather one evening to watch a black and white zombie porn flick. In this dual storyline (in color and monochrome) it's difficult to tell who the real monsters are: the backstabbing "friends" in the color sequences or the flesh-hungry, sex-crazed zombies in the black-and-white sequences. Friends reveal their monstrous sides. Elusian is the chrome-dome club-kid, and DiGiorno, Elusian's ex-lover, is emotionally stunted and can only communicate and perceive life through sex. A tale of coitus, cat-fighting and conspiracy."  But don't be dismayed, it's also pretty good porn for 1998.  And, Jim Buck at his heyday. 

More Jim Buck (and Vidkid Timo) here:

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