Military Classified - Albie

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Description Albie is a short guy but built big and his cock is no exception. When he arrived at my studios he had these glasses on and I thought to myself, "the glasses have got to come off" then let him in and we sat down and talked. Once we began talking his quiet and yet referent demeanor was typical of a Marine... always respect. Once I laid out all the happenings he agreed without much hesitation and we were shooting photos before the cameras rolled.

Once the cameras got rolling I went into work mode and went through my usual questions and answers before getting him completely naked next to my bed with his 7 inch uncut cock starring at me. I immediately jumped into action and wasted no time in slowing and surely licking his balls and cock just with my tongue frustrating him to no end but his cock began to swell. That was my cue and I began to suck his cock and started taking names.
I kept Albie's glasses on by the way, because I think it describes Albie to a T and I had him keep them on the entire movie. I stood Albie up and continued the pounding while he took the back of my head with both of his hands and landed into me actually making me choke to the point of seeing white.. IT was hot! I had to sit him down to finally get this stud to spit out the nectar I've been working so hard for.

Finally, Albie was becoming more and more jittery and I was sucking and licking faster and faster which was driving him crazy. I kept his shaft wet as I sucked the tip of his cock stroking his foreskin at the same time which I knew would bring him down and that's exactly what happened. Watch as Albie gives in to Rob and delivers a load that was much louder than it looked! Poor Albie... he looked tired!
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