Made To Serve - The Continuing Adventures Of Number 43

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I don't usually post vids at this resolution, but this one is kind of interesting.  It's captioned "Made To Serve - The Continuing Adventures of #43."  The captioning continues, "This hung guy was told he could fuck me by Unlce Jim.  He stopped by unannounced and told me he WAS going to fuck me whether I wanted to or not." This immediately got my interest. ;)

I'm guessing this is from a website that's no longer around, but not sure.  I haven't been able to find anything about it online so far, but I'd definitely like to see some more of this guy's work.  It's got a really hot and nasty vibe to it for me.

The situation seems to be that the young sub named Joey is enslaved to his Unlce Jim, who sometimes pimps him out to his buddies.  The top in the vid is supposed to be the boy's coach.  First he makes Joey gag on his big thick cock and then he roughly fucks his tight ass.  He puts on a condom at first, but when it breaks, he just keeps going.  He fucks the poor boy for two hours before he finally cums.  He then tells the boy he can play in tomorrow's game.  The boy then cleans his ass juices off of coach's dick.  One possible title for this is, "The 2 Hour Coach."

This can pretty much only be viewed at 240, but it's still hot for me.

If anyone knows who this is, or where it came from, please post the info.  I'd really like to see more from this guy. Thanks.

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