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Lucas Entertainment - Fire Island Cruising 3

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DescriptionFire Island Cruising 3
distributor Lucas Entertainment released 2002 length 111
category General Hardcore
studio Lucas Entertainment
rating out of 4 ****
produced ?
location U.S.
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director Michael Lucas
producer Michael Lucas
videography Andre Adair
writer Michael Lucas
Carlos Morales (ve)
Chas Omar
Christophe Blanc
Diego Alvarez
Marco Rochelle
Michael Lucas
Rick Gonzales
Tom International
Trent Everett
source: promotional material
Michael Lucas returns to New York's favorite getaway in Fire Island Cruising Part 3, the seventeenth video from Lucas Entertainment. Lucas and his red-hot Parisian discovery Marco Rochelle join fan favorites Carlos Morales, Rick Gonzales, and Tom International, and sand isn't the only thing getting in their pants.
Has Marco found love? Will Michael and Trent stay together? Are Carlos and Christophe what they seem? To be continued... in Fire Island Cruising Part 4.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Marco Rochelle, Rick Gonzales
Sexy French brunet Marco Rochelle and his lover Rick Gonzales do nude gymnastics on the beach, then move to the bedroom and a long, luxurious sixty-nine. Rick rims Marco's tight ass, then plows him from behind. Then Marco slides his thick cock into Rick's butt and delivers a messy load on his Latin lover's face.

2. Carlos Morales (ve), Christophe Blanc
Marco tells his friends that the spark is going out of his relationship with Rick. Carlos Morales and his boyfriend Christophe Blanc argue for staying monogamous, but Michael Lucas invites Marco to bring Rick to an orgy. Christophe and Carlos prove that longtime lovers can have great sex, as Carlos opens his luscious, insatiable ass to Christophe and a dildo at the same time. (The director's cut of this scene includes water sports.)

3. Chas Omar, Marco Rochelle, Rick Gonzales, Diego Alvarez
Later, Marco and Rick arrive at the orgy, which has nearly wound down. They find themselves in a raunchy fourway with black, statuesque Chas Omar and big, muscular Diego Alvarez. (The director's cut of this scene includes water sports.)

4. Michael Lucas, Trent Everett
Michael arrives at the orgy with his boyfriend, Trent Everett, but realizes that he does not want to go in, because Trent is all he needs. They decide to skip the orgy and go home instead, where Michael ravages Trent from all sides.

5. Marco Rochelle, Tom International
Marco decides that he does want monogamy, but Rick breaks up with him instead. Marco is devastated, until he meets the tattooed, blond Tom International. They share a long, tender, versatile fuck outdoors.

reviews From ManNet

In a few short years New York-based Lucas Entertainment has moved from almost a niche taste to one that is now completely mainstream. It's no secret why Michael Lucas and his company has had such growth and attention. Their productions combine multi-racial, non-California (i.e., real) performers with luxurious and slow-burning erotic sex. "Fire Island Cruising 3: Director's Cut" is like the others -- it's almost flawless with energetic sex from start to finish.
"Fire Island Cruising 3" is, of course, about more sexual escapades on Fire Island, New York. Let's face it -- men will be men, especially when they are horny! French discovery Marco Rochelle and his Latin boyfriend Rick Gonzalez are romping nude on the beach during the opening credits before moving to the bedroom and diving into a 69. Both men have luscious smooth bodies and uncut dicks, as well as long, flickering tongues. Both are also superb at oral skills, jacking each other's shaft while licking the other's head. Gonzalez starts to finger Marco's butt, before turning him around and lapping at his crack. He is a maniacal ass-eater, too, worshipping Marco's ever-widening hole. When he fucks Marco, he literally plows into him, sinking his dick all the way in, much to the delight of the moaning bottom. When Marco plugs his own hardon into Rick, it's every bit as satisfying. Grabbing Rick's hips, he fires his cock in at a rapid-fire pace. On his back after they have re-positioned themselves, Rick shoots on his own chest while being penetrated, then lets Marco pull out and spill his cum all over his face.
At breakfast the next morning, Marco, nonetheless, tells his friends that the spark is leaving the relationship between he and Rick. While Michael Lucas seizes the opportunity to invite Marco to an orgy, pals Carlos Morales and Christopher Blanc make a push for monogamy. A short time later, we get to see the sexual interplay that has kept these long-time lovers together. Blanc, a bit taller than his co-star, is a nice complement to Morales. Naked, he points his dagger straight in the face of an appreciative Carlos, who pushes his head down on the cock and doesn't come up for air for a while. Jacking his own erection at the same time, Morales also pokes out his own delectable buns, almost winking at the camera. After these two have sprung into mutual deep-throating, Carlos orally caresses Blanc's ass, alternating his tongue with a single finger, before slipping both in together. Blanc tops here, and mounts Carlos from behind, riding his butt silly. Then the real kink begins -- Blanc finds a dildo, slips it in Carlos's backside, then fucks and dildos him at the same time. What an accommodating ass Morales has! In the missionary position, later, Carlos ejaculates all over his stomach as Blanc plows away. As in the first scene, Christophe's climax is splashed on Carlos's face, before Blanc bends over and licks it off. All the while, Carlos has been dildoing himself again.
Marco and Rick attend the orgy and find muscular and tanned Diego Gonzalez and dark-skinned Chas Omar inside waiting for them. What follows next is an oral free-for-all, with big dicks worming their way into cavernous mouths. Rick and Marco waste no time in lavishing attention on the other men. One of the highlights here is Rick and Diego tag-teaming the leaky dick of enthused Marco. Next, Chas and Diego squat down and offer their butts to the new boys, who in turn munch away on the salty and hairy asses before them. Eventually, Chas mounts Rick while Marco nails Diego with long, mercurial strides. The sight of the two bottoms side by side getting pummeled yet sharing a kiss is stunning. Alvarez, his bulky body vibrating as his ass is invaded, cums all over his chiseled six-pack stomach, while Rick reaches a messy climax. The indefatigable bottoms then suck off the tops, with Diego's face getting some cream from Marco and Rick throttling Chas's meat for a comparable thick load.
Just after Marco and Rick have joined the orgy, lovers Lucas and Trent Everett have neared, but back down when Lucas unexpectedly admits that Trent is all he needs. Back home, Trent shows his appreciation with an open throat and butt. Lucas is content to let his lover obey and submit to him here. Trent gags on Michael's meat and then trades off tonguing his dick and ass. Lucas has fun here, sticking a finger up his own chute and then making Trent both sniff and taste his finger. With Trent on his knees again slurping away, Michael brings out a dildo and prepares Trent's hole for a pounding. Lucas does indeed bone Trent, who rests on his side and lets Michael enter him. This has been a fairly tender scene but grows spicier as Lucas fucks hard and slaps Trent's buttcheeks firmly. "Fuck my pussy," yells Trent, as he changes positions but still manages to curl his legs up behind Michael's butt. After Michael has finished fucking, he jacks off and shoots a geyser, much of it landing squarely on Everett's face and mouth. It's an unexpected and carnal moment. Trent jerks himself off while rimming his partner again.
After the orgy, Marco and Rick have a discussion. Marco has realized he wants monogamy, but Rick doesn't. The orgy has made him realize he can't be tied to one man. They break up, leaving Marco devastated. His period of sadness lasts only seconds, though. Tom International, a sinewy tattooed model, wanders onto the deck and chats with him. The chemistry between them is palpable, and it doesn't take long before they have shed their clothes. Tom jumps all over Marco's hardon, gently fellating him, even making love to his ass and bare toes. Trading off, Marco worships hunky Tom, slipping a finger into his pliable cheeks. He then pokes him in the great outdoors, in an arousing standing fuck. Tom's taut little butt quivers as Marco stands behind him and grinds. Later, Marco situates himself on a lounge chair and lifts his legs for Tom to screw him. The look on the faces of these models tells the story -- the sexual camaraderie is immense as the versatile men go at it. Trading off once more, Marco heaves his dick back into Tom, producing Tom's syrupy money-shot all over himself.
As usual, Michael Lucas and crew do themselves proud here.
"Fire Island Cruising 3: Director's Cut" is every bit as inspired as the rest of Lucas' body of work.
The DVD also includes an easy-to-navigate menu (with a generous chapter breakdown); outtakes and bloopers from the shoot (some of them are quite funny, as one of the models samples a dick sandwich, and a lengthy whirlpool chat lead by Lucas, in which the models introduce themselves and discuss the kind of sex they enjoy in real life); brief watersports segments in three of the five scenes; several previews of other Lucas Entertainment titles; Dolby sound; and playable worldwide (no regional coding, with Macrovision copy-protection).
A DVD Review by Max Southern
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