♺ Chubold v4691 - Daddies caught with Hookers Vol 08 - 720p

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-03-25 |
Chubold v4691 - Daddies caught with Hookers Vol. 08 - 720p

Madame Voyeur is back again with a collection of 6 scenes with 2 very special guys shaking the boat!

1st scene: Huge ass stocky bear uses his full bodily power to fuck the hooker missionary style. He fucks her so hard that his van shakes and bumps during the whole scene. Even so he doesn’t cum right away and gets a long hand job where you can notice the condom going from empty to cum filled. 

2nd scene: Insanely crazy mid aged guy arrives jumping and dancing and gets totally naked. It doesn’t take much for his really huge cock spit his massive cum.

3rd scene: Nerdy type dad with glasses arrives and presents us with a tender hugging moment with the hooker. After some cuddling and chat he unbuttons his shirt revealing his huge pot belly and thick dick. After a bow job he cums hugged tight to the hooker. So Sweet! 

4th scene: The real EARTHQUAKE: Huge daddy presses his massive body against the hooker in the van that all you see is the vehicle shaking like there is an earthquake happening. Her feet need to be pushed against the door holding it against them. He cums inside her and then you can see his loose condom swinging with the trapped spunk. 

5th scene: Mid aged massive cock guy seems arrives and makes her so happy that she even dances for him. Amazing close up of his monster cock entering her pussy.

6th scene: Pervert dad arrives and “attacks” her ass right way. He’s so happy that he cums while smiling. Great close up of his thick cock being cleaned and squeezed. And don’t forget, you fuck you need to pay…
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