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Original upload: 2021-05-11 22:16:26 |
Triga Film - Saturday Nite Special - (Jamie Carlyle, Triga Films) - 1080 - HD Rip
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It’s Saturday night and the lads are having a get together to watch some telly and drink a few beers. Things get out of hand when one of the lads produces his new sex toy – a blow up doll called Angela – and a “flesh jack” hand held to wank themselves off with.
The banter gets louder and the cocks get bigger as the night wears on and all ten lads whop out their hard dicks as they watch some fanny porn on the tv and eye up each others boners! Straight lads out of control… when finally five of the lads the lads reckon a hole is a hole and they all pile into their mates arse..Spanking, piss and communal cumming… straight blokes horseplay doesn’t get much hornier than this!
2021-11-20 13:45:56
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