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Markie More is one of the newer faces in porn, who got into the business because of his Instagram fitness profile.  He posted progress photos and a porn recruiter contacted him through his page. Described as a former wrestler turned tattooed gym rat, the 23 year old Markie is 5Â’8” and has a sculpted physique. It should come as no surprise then that he has also shot for Mark HendersonÂ’s Edendale Studios which specializes in handsome men with exceptional muscular physiques. He also posts a number of pics on Twitter to please his growing number of fans.  He identifies as bi, but says “I'm just a really sexual person”.  As to what he likes, “too be honest, whether I prefer to top or bottom all depends on my mood. I love either but if I had to choose I'd say top though. I gotta say, I love a tight ass”!  The chest tattoo stands for peace in chaos. “When you're going through rough times, but you find different perspectives on life”.  He says fans may be surprised to know that he likes to skateboard, and says heÂ’s “actually kinda good at it”.

Markie first appeared in a solo video on Next Door Male in February 2014 and quickly became popular.  He has since appeared in some 35 scenes at Next Door and its partner sites including a co-starring in the siteÂ’s milestone 1000th scene.  In his debut scene, Markie wakes up in the morning, stretches, shows off his hot ripped body and jacks off. In between he reveals a few tidbits about himself and essentially woos new viewers.  He has been host of Next DoorÂ’s ‘Buddy AuditionsÂ’ testing the metal of porn-star wanna-beÂ’s and has done a number of themed ‘Fan-FantasyÂ’ vids, starting when Markie was in Montreal for his first ever stripper appearance at the cityÂ’s Stock Bar. In that scene, site owner Pascal daydreams while watching the show and fantasizes about Markie who wears a mask and invites Pascal on stage to worship his muscles, strip off his briefs and suck his cock.

The scene where Markie works out with Drake Tyler is titled ‘Performance Incentive.’ Isn’t long before they’re using the bench-press for another kind of workout. Markie fucks Drake in several positions with Drake winding up riding Markie’s cock as he lays back on the bench.

Markie and Drake Tyler are reunited in ‘Caught In The Action’ as two guys who meet online and get together at Markie’s house. Everything goes well with Drake about to get fucked until Markie’s buddies Damien West and David Stone show up to watch a game and interrupt the sex. Once the buds figure out what they interrupted the game is forgotten.

Markie bottomed for the first time in ‘Wedding Jitters’ which was scene suggested by a member. On Markie’s wedding day he’s having second thoughts ?and doubts about his sexuality. He’s thinking about getting fucked and his buddies Cole Christiansen & Steven B help him out by making that happen. He gets tag-teamed and spit-roasted and covered with cum and the result? Markie is sure he’s gay with feeling for Cole.

Another member-submitted idea, ‘Getting an EyefulÂ’ has Markie as a repairman fixing Dante MartinÂ’s thermostat.  Markie arrives and begins work so Dante excuses himself to shower leaving the bathroom door open. Markie sucks Dante off then fucks him on the bed.

‘A Late ArrivalÂ’ is a third fan-fantasy in which Markie gets home late and horny and gives James Jamieson a welcome home blowjob while Jamieson sleeps.  When he wakes up, James lets Markie continue sucking and then he punishes MarkyÂ’s tardy ass with a hard pounding.

‘Wedding Jitters Part 2Â’ is the wedding day sequel (Next DoorÂ’s 1000th scene) Markie and Cole are recovering from the earlier three-way when they hear guests arriving.  The half dress and completely skipping the wedding, sneak into the pool house for another round.  Markie says ‘so far my favorite scene partner has probably been Cole Christianson. We've shot together twice now and both times I had a lot of fun. Cole's a really cool guyÂ’.

In ‘Couple’s Cake’, Markie More wants to surprise his boyfriend Silas O’Hara with cupcakes for his birthday but falls asleep before putting them in the oven. Silas arrives home and the surprise is ruined but after Markie puts the cupcakes in the oven they get playful.

In ‘Worship Of A GodÂ’, King Arad retires to his tent for the night and calls his servant Markie who proceeds to rub his master down with fine smelling oils and perfumes, washing his feet and massaging his royal back.  Working under AradÂ’s sash, he feels the royal member swell and grow in his hand and looks up at Arad with imploring blue eyes.  Slave Markie takes the King into his mouth, swallowing him down to the root.  Arad feels a passion unlike any other heÂ’s ever experienced and throws Markie down and then sucks and fucks his most loyal and beautiful of subjects

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