Island Studs - Hugo

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Description"I surfed naked here all the time!" mustached, Italian surfer Hugo says with excitement, as he walks FULLY NUDE toward the waves holding his surfboard in one hand and his big, fat sausage & balls in the other. He shows everyone on the public beach his naked, tan, athletic body with pride in this EXCLUSIVE NEW Video from Island Studs. Check out this 26 year old, 6 foot, New Yorker's perfectly formed, BRIGHT WHITE surfer BUTT! Once again, Island Studs delivers another REAL STRAIGHT BUFF SURFER with a killer, ALL NATURAL BODY, catching waves naked on a public beach in Hawaii! We think Hugo is the HOTTEST SURFER yet on Island Studs. He is ALL MAN: mustached, built, hung, thick, with a set of HUGE BALLS, he plays with throughout the film and an awesome laid back beach boy personality! Hugo is just so damn yummy to watch, catching wave after wave BALLS OUT in the morning sun! There are SO MANY real unrehearsed moments in this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from Island Studs. Don't miss this sexy surfer. Watch just how truly nervous Hugo becomes when I asked him to strip OFF his board shorts on the beach for his VERY FIRST TIME in front of any camera. Watch as he grabs his crouch holding his dick through his swim trunks, worried his cock is not HARD enough. "Just drop my pants now?," he asks with a big grin as he holds his wiener in his pants.  But once this REAL, Semi-Pro North Shore surfer strips down and starts catching waves in the warm Hawaiian ocean, he completely forgets that he is nude! Feast your eyes on this dreamy, surf Stud as he walks around the beach and rocks with his surfboard fully naked, jerks his thick ROCK HARD cock beside the sea in the HOT SUN and takes a POWERFUL Donkey Piss on the beach while holding his surf board... completely naked!  It is Hugo's chill, surf culture, personality and New York accent that shines through in every minute of this video. Check out his SUPER THICK, wet dick and white bubble butt covered in sea foam as he plays in the waves. This straight surf Stud is so sexy to watch, standing up on his board riding waves toward the white sand beach in Hawaii. I ask Hugo back to my condo for a shower and to complete the jerk off scene. As I expected, Hugo becomes completely uninhibited in the privacy of the condo spreading his legs WIDE OPEN and rubbing his big, Italian, ball sack. Piss lovers alert! Hugo stands up and grabs an empty water jug and takes a LONG PEE, while standing in the living room. He squeezes his big cock with one hand and the clear vessel in the other. Watch as he nearly FULLS the jug full with his dark, yellow man PISS. Hugo sits back on the chair with his Big Red Surfboard behind him and continues jerking his cock, giving us great views of his tight, athletic, smooth body from every angle. Watch as he spreads his thighs WIDE and grabs his hairy man perineum and heavy balls! What a sexy sexual surfer! Hugo jerks his thick, hard cock with all the excitement of a horny high school jock. His hairy balls bounce up and down as he strokes his huge Italian salami. Watch as he pulls on his big throbbing cock with BOTH HANDS spread eagle on the chair.  Mustached Hugo looks like a 1970's porno star as he manhandles his HARD DICK with dark whiskers above his top lip. Listen as he moans and his whole body shakes as he nears climax! Horny Hugo moans loudly as he shoots a heavy load of jizz ALL OVER his ripped rock hard abs. Gobs of thick white CUM ooze all over his naturally smooth belly! Wow, what a massive load of cum from this HOT HAWAIIAN SURFER! Hugo laughs as I ask him to stand up for some photos, as the thick goo drips down his tight belly onto the carpet below! To clean up all the sticky cum Hugo takes a hot soapy shower with his beautiful cock swinging wet between his legs! "Do you like Hawaiian women?", I ask him in shower. "That is why I am here!", he states with a big smile as he soaps up his hairy man arm pits. What a delight to watch this sexy Italian New Yorker wash every inch of his tall, tight athletic body with soapy water dripping off his thick cock!  Real surfers are so HOT when they are all wet and naked both in the ocean and in the shower! Hugo is one of the sexiest straight talented surfers ever! Catch more naked waves for us Hugo! Enjoy this Exclusive Island Studs nudist beach surf shoot of Hugo and his THICK ITALIAN SAUSAGE!
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